15 Step Checklist For Content Marketing Workflow

cmw2Documenting and Sharing Content Marketing workflow can save time and can create a cohesive content marketing approach within an organization. At the same time documented workflow provides structure to your processes increasing execution efficiency. Here is a 15 step checklist for ensuring that you have fixed the ins and outs of your content marketing process.

Stage 1: Requests and Strategic Ideation

Have you identified and included the key members of your team, relevant stakeholders in the ideation process?

Have you created a central source for submitting content ideas such as contentideas@yourcompany.com for receiving all content ideas which can thereafter be prioritized?

Have you created a central repository of ideas? Have you detailed who needs to approve the ideas?

Have you streamlined a workflow for all ideas such as brainstorm ideas, cull ideas and fill out content brief etc.?

Stage 2:  Prioritization

Have you chosen your person or team responsible for prioritization of ideas. This could be Content Marketing Manager or person with similar responsibilities.

Have you mapped how and when to communicate priorities to your team members?

Have you created a workflow of how, when, and who will add content to your editorial calendar?

Stage 3: Creation

Have you identified Milestones in your content process? Milestones are key accomplishments such as writing, approvals and design.

Have you split Milestones into smaller tasks such as outlines,  drafts and approvals?

Have you outlined who is involved at each stage of the process?

Stage 4: Publication and Promotion

Have you identified the right channels of distribution? Social media? Paid advertising?  Email nurturing?

Have you aligned the content for each channel of distribution?

Have you identified who is responsible for each stage of distribution?

Stage 5: Content Organization

Have you chosen a single storage location for your files?

Have you created standardized naming convention for your files?Have you decided on organizing your files? Which files should go to which folders in which places? Have you decided on person in-charge of organizing and filing the final files in your storage system?

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