“Become a Favorite” – Engage Audiences with A Brand Contest on Vine


Lowe’s  Vine campaign this season, announcing new deals every day from Nov 27 to Dec 3 is a Retail first for bringing new deals to the audiences who actively engage with Mobile Video platform. According to Deal News.com, Lowe’s opted to be both early and attention-grabbing this week by releasing 6-second Vine videos that tease Black Friday deals.

The campaign has seen generated audience engagement with over 2 Million loops for the first post released 24 days ago.  The campaign is promoted with hashtag Lowesblackfriday and the vignettes can be viewed at https://vine.co/tags/lowesblackfriday. The campaign is unique as it showcases Black Friday Deals with animated imagery creating Brand Appeal across product categories.

Updating audiences with new features will become easier as brands can now push notifications once they are favorited by the followers. This is possible with a newly added feature on Vine that allows users to favorite a brand by pressing the star button on the screen as highlighted below.

FavoritesTweet (1)

Vine has added a new feature where you can receive push notifications and a notification in your activity feed each time your favorite posts on Vine.

The feature is enabled with a Star button on the right hand side and adding to Favorites is easy. You can update the settings at any time to see your favorites and update notifications.

Ten Ways to Promote your Brand using Vine

Start a Social mobile Video Contest to encourage Viners to participate by favoriting your Brands. This is easy to do as Brands can feature favorite Viners and introduce a Giveaway.

Engage Audiences with a contextual theme as can be seen in a simple Thanksgiving Vine.

Introduce a new trend. This is different from promoting a product feature as you are announcing a trend that may resonate better with your audiences.

We’re walking in prints with our pointy flats. Which one’s your fave? #gap vine.co/v/bXwB92gmtr6

— Gap (@Gap) March 1, 2013

Introduce a look and feel that makes your brand noticeable. This could be with brand colors, patterns or a mnemonic that could be animated to build brand recall. The Vine below captures the same for Louis Vuitton.

Hotel Louis Vuitton vine.co/v/bHdEJQ5EWAn

— stella bugbee (@stellabugbee) March 6, 2013

Market your Brand by showcasing it at events and creating Vines that can capture the experience. Effectively engage the influencers for your brand to talk about the same.

Tonight’s @louisvuitton event makes us want to write this tweet on a postcard and send it to our closest fri… vine.co/v/bH6ArWXzjQI

— Stylerumor(@Stylerumor) March 5, 2013

Create animated videos that are engaging for your customers with highlights to spark a deeper connect.

.@deltarae opened with “Morning Comes” at @irvingplaza – the crowd knows where to clap! vine.co/v/bHHZxYgnrhq

— Billboard(@billboard) March 6, 2013

Reinforce brand positioning and highlight key features.

The not-so-secret secret of Dairy Milk takes just 6 seconds to discover! #Joyville vine.co/v/brVWvLJgLFe

— Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) February 17, 2013

You can announce a new contest for your brand using vine with a hashtag specific for the promotion and also thank your followers and fans.

The Twirl Bites wanted to say “Thanks for voting us product of the year” before you melt them onto your pancakes! vine.co/v/bvFZqKdHMKE

— Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) February 12, 2013

Create Twitter events to demonstrate product ideas.

Join us at #wholefoods Piccadilly for icing demonstrations. The perfect #valentine treat. #brands #valenvine vine.co/v/brq3D3WdQpQ

— catandthecream (@catandthecream) February 14, 2013

Effectively showcase Consumer delight as captured in the Vine below with relevant messaging.

Keep smiling bright Trop fans! #cute #tropicana #favthings #food vine.co/v/b6JiAZm1jaT

— Tropicana (@Tropicana) February 19, 2013
Source: Vine Blog