Nike’s Hyperlapse On Instagram Gets Hyper Likes

Nike has introduced the Sneakers App with a Video and an Instagram Video focusing on the Sneakers App Experience . The Instagram post captures a Hyperlapse of the Sneakers App experience with a link to Nike NYC Instagram which details the events and passes available and lets the users reserve a spot and download the pass for Zoom City Sneakers Station.

The sneakers App lets you personalize and shop for your perfect pair of sneakers. The Hyperlapse posted by Nike on Instagram is a digital technique available for brands to tell the brand story in a creative way on Instagram in a short form video.


Nike’s Digital Strategy has created news with the fastest Instagram Follower growth now at 12 Million.Nike’s Follower growth on Instagram increased significantly after the World Cup campaign with #RiskEverything.


According to Iconosquare, Instagram is the second most important channel for Instagram after Facebook.

Best Practices For Engagement With Brand Contest On Instagram

Subscription as a condition to participation
Contests should be used by brands on Instagram to generate engagement and secure more subscriptions. Contest participation should be made conditional on subscribing to the account.
Liking content or publishing content as a means of participationThe use of the ‘Instagram Direct’ functionality is not recommended as it is not popular with Instagrammers.

33 percent  and 31 percent of Instagramers surveyed feel that publishing content via an official hashtag and liking a brand’s post are the best contest participation modes (7 percent say the same of direct messages).*

Generating UGC to make campaigns go viral
Instagramers are interested in creating content, and generating UGC is the best way to take advantage of the network’s go-viral capability. Each publication created and posted to an Instagrammer’s profile is an opportunity to secure visibility for the brand.
The most effective contests are those that stir members to create specific content for the brand on their account and publish it, including the brand name (using a @ mention in the comment) and/or using a special hashtag (#CampaignHashtag).

  • Survey – 16 000 people completed a survey of 26 questions in 38 countries
    7 million users, 250 million pieces of content and 39 billion interactions in the Iconosquare databases.
    Over a million users worldwide distributed over different samples 240,000 users in 8 target markets.

Source: Iconosquare