Promotional Brand Loyalty

Interactive Contests and Promotions on Social Media have become an enabler for Brand Loyalty  effectively driving the Brand  Strategy. The interaction with the Brand is based on Immediate Engagement, Valued Rewards and Quicker Gratification. contestgift

The Giveaways in the Contest can be customized to the target audience depending on their interests. The Interactive Contests lead to Brand Conversations bringing in more fans and followers and give invaluable  insights on what the audiences expectations are.

The Engagement Strategy is centered around customer’s expression about the Brand. For instance Saks Fifth Avenue contest on Pinterest requires creating a Pinboard with pins of Sunny Beach resort to win a five night vacation experience. Another similar contest has a giveaway of five vouchers.


Contests with giveaways are targeted with quicker gratification with rich monetary rewards as opposed to a loyalty program where the rewards are accumulated over time.

Planning your Contests and  Giveaways

  1. Start with outlining your Contest Objectives that could range from Engaging prospects to creating online community for the brand. Contests could be effective in lead generation, increased visits, fan engagement, understanding buyer journey,shaping consumer behavior, introducing new channels or Building Brand sentiment
  2. Think how Contests can be monetized for customer participation with Giveaways and Instant redemption or gifts that are relevant to your target audience.

  3. Interactive contests  on Social Media sites give a personalized experience and ease of sharing.The rules of participation in the contest need to be clear and specified clearly and the contest page should lead participants to the landing page explaining the contest rules.

  4. Integrate contests for brand presence across channels to optimize fans/ followers in each channel.  After the contest it is important to analyze what is liked by the audience as the customers’ expression generates  insights.

A well planned program of  short term rewards offered in Contests and Giveaways can be a long term Engagement Strategy with your fan base that can improve Brand Consideration and bring in more loyal fans and customers. It is important to track the program metrics that can be measured with visits, program sign ups, Brand Sentiment tracking, Brand Mentions and Net Promoter Score.

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