Ten Last-Minute Halloween Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing Ideas for Halloween, for your brand could range from creating a haul video to posts about your new product launches for Halloween. Content that is usually shareable has usefulness with relevance, however, for Halloween there is greater creative flexibility with publishers looking at newer ways to engage the tricking and treating shopper. According to iON Interactive, “the shift in the buyer’s journey, away from dialogues with salespeople to more self-service research and evaluation in digital channels, now puts the onus on marketing to provide more consultative and useful interactions.” Social Media channels and Content Marketing bridge the information gap for digital audiences. Here are ten last-minute content marketing ideas for you to be creative with your content marketing this Halloween.

Halloween Pranks Video

Create a Halloween Pranks video featuring your products to engage the shopper. One of the popular creative ideas could be Video linking your brand campaign with Halloween.

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Content Marketing Vs. Native Advertising

Telling the difference between Content Marketing and Native Advertising may not be easy. Here is a summary of key differences that can help you understand how to choose the approach that is right for your brand. For Content Marketing the goals are throughout the marketing funnel right from generating awareness to increasing conversions. For native […]

Key Insights For Native Advertising


Native Advertising is defined as “A form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed”. According to an eMarketer report Native Advertising has made a big impact with half of all digital display advertising attributed to Native. The share of Native advertising is likely to reach  to three-quarters of all Display Spending by 2021. The key reason for rise in Native ads is that all advertising on Facebook and other social sites is native. The huge success of Facebook’s News Feed ads has helped boost native display spending to nearly  USD 17 billion this year, according to BI Intelligence.

Among the ad formats preferred US millennials preferred native ad formats at 58 percent with banners coming at a distant second at 21 percent. The US Millennials are also agnostic to the native ad formats and don’t care if the content is sponsored by a brand, as long as it is entertaining or informative.


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Facebook’s Campaign Planner Predicts Reach and Frequency

Facebook Campaign Planner a new tool for advertisers lets you predict reach for your campaign.With Campaign planner you can create versions of media plan to understand which  version helps you meet your targets.In addition to being able to predict reach for different budgets, you can arrive at estimated reach for your campaign by varying the […]