Coca-Cola’s New Campaign #ThatsGold Focuses on Fans


Coca Cola’s Global marketing Campaign #ThatsGold makes fans into active participants for the Olympic games. Taking “Taste the feeling” campaign idea further Coke has woven a visually appealing montage of earlier Olympics footage, to emotionally connect with fan encouraging them to share their Gold moments. “Gold is a feeling anyone can taste,” said Rodolfo Echeverria, vice president of global creative at The Coca-Cola Company. “This creative draws a parallel between the gold moments these amazing athletes experience at the Olympics and the everyday moments of joy and uplift we all share with friends and family while drinking a Coca-Cola. From passing an exam, to getting your dad’s car keys for the first time, to celebrating a friend’s birthday — anything can be a gold moment as long as it’s spontaneous and authentic.”

Featuring celebrated moments from the earlier Olympic games footage, #ThatsGold is an extension of One Brand Strategy for Coke bringing out, products Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet, Coca-Cola Zero or a Coca-Cola Life, with a unique storytelling approach. The campaign featuring print ad and Outdoor is being rolled out in 50 countries. The Video creative comprises of three video vignettes produced in partnership with NBC will feature 20 Olympians including Morgan, Eaton, McFadden, Manzano, Liukin and Adrian. The Video vignettes feature narratives and clips from the Athletes, that bring out the feelings of winning a Gold, marking a # ThatsGold moment.

User generated content as a key engagement tactic, for the photo contest, is aimed at instilling a sense of participation with the Teens to share their #ThatsGold moment. The brand is counting on the campaign for activation for the variants. “The Rio Olympics are a huge milestone activation for us this year,” said Ivan Pollard, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “In addition to #ThatsGold, five of our stills brands – POWERADE, Minute Maid, vitaminwater, ZICO and Core Power – are partnering with select athletes on their own campaigns. This is perhaps our biggest-ever portfolio play at the Olympics… we look forward to seeing the value each brand will get from our association with the IOC and USOC.”

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Coca-Cola is going with an Influencer marketing and consumer activation focus. According to the Press release, “Coca-Cola Olympic Station in Rio’s Praca Maua neighbourhood will serve as an official hangout for teens to experience the Games on their terms with live music, athlete appearances, high-tech activations and, of course, ice-cold Coca-Cola. The renovated train depot also will house the Coca-Cola Rio 2016 newsroom, where a hand-picked group of global and bloggers and social media influencers will partner with Coke’s real-time marketing team to create and distribute Games-time content that defines what #ThatsGold means to them.”

J C Penney’s “Penney Days” Campaign Focuses On Modern American Mom



Emphasizing the focus on Mobile and Online consumer J C Penney launched “Penney Days” to drive shareholder value by growing revenue with a top line growth strategy. The spring marketing campaign that launched earlier this month is backed by a brand strategy that focuses on shifting the consumer perception for quality brands  and private labels available at the stores, emphasizing the purchasing power of a penny by offering select merchandise for one cent with the other pair bought at the regular price.  The campaign idea is based on making  every shopping trip in stores and at worth the customer’s time, money and effort. Penney will continue to roll out other items for a penny throughout the year.

The campaign has a bigger message on social media.


Get Your Penny’s Worth

“We want to be the shopping mecca for the modern American mom, which means we need to dimensionalize the idea of worth. We know our customers live very busy lives and we want every trip and interaction at JCPenney to be worth her time, her hard earned money and her effort,” said Mary Beth West, chief customer and marketing officer for JCPenney. “The launch of this new brand promise underscores our strategic focus on building private brands and revenue per customer to create sustainable loyalty. If JCPenney can help her discover the things she loves more easily, innovatively and consistently than anyone else, we know she`ll come back for more.”

JCPenney rolled out its first week long Penney Days event starting Feb. 28 in stores and at

Perception Shifters

Research showed that many consumers underestimated the selection of quality brands and merchandise available at JCPenney , as well as the style and value offered by private brands. These perception shifters will be highlighted in national magazine ads showcasing the Company’s fashion and home collections this spring.

Omnichannel Focus

JCPenney’s adjusted EPS in Q4, 20115 grew to USD0.39 from USD0.04 in the comparable quarter of the previous year. The improvement in JCPenney’s earnings was driven by higher sales and improved gross margins. JCPenney continues to enhance its omnichannel capabilities. In Q4 2015, the company began to test the “Order Online, Pick Up In Store” facility in over 10 percent of the stores. The company plans to roll out the facility throughout the chain prior to the back-to-school selling season this year. The company is also focused on enhancing its mobile channel, as reported by Market Realist.

The key initiatives planned for the year are:

  • The company will be focusing on the growth of Sephora stores-within-stores. The company plans to open approximately 60 new Sephora locations in fiscal 2016.
  • The company plans to promote “Get Your Penney’s Worth,” a unique promotional campaign that makes select items from the company’s assortment of private brands available for just a penny.
  • The company plans to upgrade the center core shopping area of over one-third of the company’s stores. This center core area is adjacent to Sephora stores-in-stores and includes fashion jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and fashion accessories.


Among the Bricks and Mortar Retail stores Target has taken the lead in Digital sales with a Millennial focus. According to MarketWatch,  Target  said digital sales during the fourth quarter jumped 34 percent, breaking company records and exceeding global digital sales growth at rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Globally, Walmart  reported that e-commerce sales increased about 8 percent in the fourth quarter on a constant-currency basis.




Target’s Digital and Omnichannel Retail Strategy Brings New Customers



Target announced its fourth quarter and full-year 2015 results on February 24, 2016.

For full-year 2015, Target’s comparable sales grew 2.1 percent, comparable traffic increased 1.3 percent and Adjusted EPS increased 11.3 percent to USD 4.69.

Target increased the retail presence with Omnichannel retail strategy and saw the Mobile retail sales increase by over 2.5X with Digital Channels sales increasing by 34 percent, contributing to an overall 1.3 points increase in retail sales.

Target saw the highest growth from  signature categories (Style, Baby, Kids and Wellness). Comparable Sales in Q4, 2015 were primarily driven by increased traffic, proving that Target has focused on the right strategic priorities.

The options that make for a flexible shipping and fulfillment are at 30 percent of all digital sales. Order Pickup has grown more than 60 percent YOY, making Omnichannel retail as the growth are that big box retailers need to focus on for 2016.


Coupled with a Digital focus, Target’s Brand Strategy is focused on targeting upscale audiences with products and campaigns that resonate with mobile audiences. Research from Nielsen shows that Target is the preferred retailer among Upscale Millennials.  Target has focused on capturing the upscale Millennial market with a strategy focused on designer partnerships and niche home product lines. Target has continued to build presence in Digital with a focused content strategy that engages audiences across social networks and search advertising.


Five Ways To Create Content For Retargeting


Creating Content for engaging and retargeting The Holiday Shopper, can make all the difference to your campaign performance, from generating awareness to increasing conversions.  As you have a large set of audience that may have visited your brand’s site, you may choose to select a sub-segment for retargeting depending on your campaign objective. To know more about Best Practices For Cross-Device Mobile Retargeting, Click here.

Here are five ways to create content for retargeting audiences during the Holiday Season.

Content With Purpose

Walmart’s content for Holiday Season with ideas that can be navigated to from the main menu focuses on making holiday entertainment moments rewarding for engaged content users with tips and tricks, that mark the holiday season celebrations. One of the Features posted on Walmart’s Celebrations planning section, is tips on setting a Hot Chocolate Bar.


Among other recipe ideas Walmart’s site allows for user reviews that users can browse through for inspiration. The ideas for cup-cake recipes  have a featured section with recommended recipes that helps users browse through other recipes of interest.

For customers who are looking at gifts for holidays can pick one of the designed cards for Christmas, that adds to the Party Fun.


Walmart’s content  has been designed to give a seamless experience for users who are looking at planning and entertaining. With a clear content strategy Walmart has engaged segments of Gift shoppers as well as those that entertain at home.

Takeaway: Create content that will answer search queries for all segments of Holiday Shoppers. In the content experience created by Walmart, audiences that are from different segments, right from Gift shoppers to those planning holiday parties are likely to discover content options.

Advertising:  Google’s  RLSA can help you promote your content for engaging the users that have browsed your retail site, but have not purchased. For Cart abandoners, targeting audiences with content campaigns based on intent or behavioral signals can repurpose content for relevant search queries.

  • intent: user intent as expressed by the search term entered into the Google Search engine
  • behavioral signal: a previous visit to your website is generally a strong signal that the user is more likely to convert on your site than a searcher who has not yet visited your site

Google’s Text messaging can help you reach audiences that may have looked up your offers and deals for special promotions,targeting them with a text messaging campaign to sign up for content updates can turn them into repeat visitors.

adwords-text-message-adsContent text

Content That Generates Interest

Know how your audiences are discovering content and promote your content with posts featured for those publishers. The Huffington Post, features deals for Star Wars fans with links to the sites where audiences are most likely to find the merchandise, with links to the landing page. In the example of the image below, Sphero – BB 8, customers can find the Star Wars merchandise at Best Buy or The post features the two options, where users can decide on the


Takeaway: Publisher content that your users are most likely to be looking for can feature brand content such as reviews that can help you upsell or convert .

Advertising:  Facebook’s  Social Media Posts from publishers provide a greater reach and obtain a higher number of viral impressions. Update the product Landing page with user-generated content that audiences are most likely to share.

Content That Is Suitable

The Cheesecake Factory posts remind audiences about relevance of  Desserts for the holiday menu.

The promotion on Gift card, engages audience with rewards that are extended post the holiday season.  For every $25 in gift cards purchased audiences receive a complimentary slice of cheesecake.

Takeaway : Create content that will answer a specific query within a context. In the content experience created by The Cheesecake Factory, audiences shopping for Dessert options, are,most likely to be looking for Dessert recipe ideas. Promoting recipe ideas sequentially can help engage audiences who have earlier visited your site for Holiday Season offers.

Advertising:  Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets as well as Facebook offers can be used to promote the offer during the holiday season. Update the Offer Landing page with content that audiences are most likely to share.

Content That Is Snackable

As important as it is to make appealing and engaging content for gaining shares, Content that is snackable is most likely to be acted upon. The Yahoo Food post below gives Cookie Hacks that are presented in a visually engaging format which is more likely to be viewed. With video providing the entire experience in one go, audiences looking for answers or further information will visit the brand site. Engaged audiences that have gained information required are most likely to complete the purchase.


Takeaway : Creating Snackable content not only answers a query within a context, but helps audiences decide with relevant information.

Advertising : Formats that engage users with an engaging tagline can help you get the winning content piece. Start with how the content helps your audience. Use the advertising format on Social Networks that is appropriate for promoting your post.

Content That Provides Value

Macy’s Gift Guide features Today’s Top Gift that lets users choose the option that provides better value for special occasions.


Takeaway : Creating offers-led content can reengage users who may have looked for gifts earlier. Segmenting your users based on past purchase behavior can help you promote the content at the right time.

Advertising : Timing Matters. If Your customers convert at a later stage, promote posts and Shopping Campaigns with offers and deals when they are most likely to click-through and convert.