Five Golden Rules To Win With User Generated Content


UGC, User Generated Content  resonates better with the conversion rates for UGC being 5X higher. Brands have reportedly seen an increase of 10 percent in conversion rates when User generated content has been used in the buyer journey. While Sweepstakes is a commonly used tactic to expand reach for your campaigns, UGC helps you target your existing customers creating a deeper bond with your brand. According to a Forrester research on UGC,  User Generated content is helpful through all stages of buyer journey, making it a key tactic for new product launches.

Consumers research more and more products online and on the go. Consumers don’t just research big-ticket items like cars or computers, they research everyday purchases like toothpaste and cereal. 

Marketers view user-generated content as a critical tool during the early stages of the customer life cycle. 

Marketers employ UGC as a key component of new product launches. For leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers, user-generated content has become a key tactic for new product launches — the lifeblood of CPG brands

Awareness Campaigns For Storytelling

Campaigns that are designed to harness the power of UGC require an awareness campaign that positions the campaign to be unique enough for audiences to react, engage and share. Generating awareness with existing fans and followers can increase conversions from your Sweepstakes Contest.

In a User Generated Content Campaign, Under Armour has effectively used Video advertising to create awareness with a YouTube video to promote the contest with hashtags #RuleYourself and #IWill.

 Customer Centricity

Consumers have a world of content to choose from. If you are too self-serving, you will turn customers away. Instead, focus on your customers’ needs to provide value-added content that puts customer first, product or brand second. Include ratings and reviews wherever possible.

At the same time harness the power of endorsement, turning referrals into a point that creates compelling messages for your audience.

According to Forrester’s report,  “Harness the power of peer-to-peer endorsements by sharing them widely. Incorporate stellar ratings or innovative product uses into point-of-sale materials and online or mobile ads. One CPG manufacturer learned that display ads that incorporate ratings and reviews drove higher web traffic and conversion than ads without such information”.
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Key Insights For Targeting Millennials This Holiday Season


Video and Mobile are the most important content discovery digital tools and channels for Millennials. According to a study by Animoto,

  • 80 percent of millennials consider video content when researching a purchase decision
  • 7 out of 10 millennials are likely to watch a company video when shopping online
  • 76 percent of millennials follow brands on YouTube
  • 60 percent of millennials prefer to watch a company video over reading a company newsletter



Match Product Mix To Your Target Audience

According to Nielsen research, Many Millennials frequent WalMart, however Target is the preferred brand for Upscale Millennials. Target has focused on capturing the upscale Millennial market with a strategy focused on designer partnerships and niche home product lines. Depending on your Brand’s strategy plan an engagement strategy for sharing products that your target audience is most likely to be interested in. Use Video as far as possible in your brand site, as Millennials prefer to watch a video than read a catalog and 80 percent Millennials, view a video about the product while researching the product.

Media Strategy Based On Audience’s Viewing Habits

According to Google Insights, Millennials view video content from Smartphones and brands targeting audiences with mobile video creative are most likely to engage and deepen social media engagement.


According to Social Bakers Brand posts achieve 24 percent impressions from Viral i.e. shared media and Organic reach unlike Media publishers posts where 98 percent posts are viral or organic. Therefore for Brands promoting posts and advertising on social networks is important to achieve the share of visibility targets. Also, nearly 80 percent Millennials have liked a video post which makes for a better interaction rate.

Target’s strategy of focusing on Niche products and promoting products with Video advertising and Social Media posts seems to have paid off with a growth in subscribers and YouTube video views and Facebook Fans.

Target’s Facebook social media posts are a combination of useful content in video format and Black Friday deals. Overall Target increased Digital’s share of media spend by 30 percent for holiday season.

VidsubsYT Target

Make Video Content That Resonates

Target has followed Brand Storytelling approach that engages users with an approach that cues in great offers and deals for Holiday Season and followed it up with a promotional video spot that announces Ten Days of Deals, with the Gingerbread Man reading the weather forecast.





Use Influencer Marketing

Create an influencer marketing program for your brand that lets audiences draw upon useful tips, How-to’s and ideas. The Home Depot that has higher on average video views has a successful Content Strategy that features content which audiences find useful. To increase the trust for Brand’s Content The Home Depot uses Influencers successfully to get the content discovered , viewed and shared. The Home Depot Influencer Marketing program engaged Martha Stewart, for tips on Seasonal Decor Ideas including DIY content such as making a cupcake stand.


Content Relevance

In another example from Walmart Food Hacks are gaining popularity with simple to-do recipes for Holiday Season. For your content to be shared, content  relevance is key for gaining the audience attention and time.

Video Millinnials

Cyber Monday Online Sales To Exceed USD 3 Billion


ToysCMWalmart introduces Cyber Monday Deals early with a free pick-up is store starting today. With a higher than expected off-take Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday will be the single largest online sales day of the year breaking USD 3 Billion mark, with a 12 percent YOY growth.

“US consumers have turned into digital shopping ninjas this holiday season as retailers continue to adjust to a huge influx of smartphone shoppers,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst, Adobe Digital Index. “Heading into Cyber Monday, online only retailers will take center stage and we are still calling for Cyber Monday to be the largest online day of the year, breaking the $3 billion mark and representing 12 percent YoY growth.”

According to Internet retailer, “U.S. e-retailers collected USD 4.47 billion online on Thanksgiving and Friday, an increase of 18 percent over the same period a year ago, according to Adobe Inc.’s Digital Index and ahead of the overall 15 percent growth pace estimated by the U.S. Commerce Department.”
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