Instagram Introduces Carousel Ads With Links to Brand Sites


TeensIcecreamAccording to Instagram for Business, Brands can now promote and advertise products with Carousel Ads that will display a Call to Action, leading the user to a new link. According to Tech Crunch, The new “Learn More” button that houses these links will open a URL in an internal browser within Instagram that allows you to quickly jump back to the feed with a tap of the top bar.

levisCarousel ads will make it easier for brands with multiple products to display the range or different images and style for the same product with easy user interface that allows users to swipe left to see additional images and link to a website of the brand’s choice. As seen the earlier ads were effective in building awareness and bringing in the likes, however, the advertisers were not able to tell the whole story beyond an image. Now the ads will benefit from links that can give the unique features with different images and at the same details in the links.

In addition to the ads being clickable, Carousel ads give unique opportunities for Brands to engage audiences. Instagram is the most popular network with the US Teens according to PiperJaffray survey. For instance, a fashion company could use the carousel to deconstruct the individual products in a ‘look.’ A car company might share an array of different features of a vehicle and provide a link to learn more about the new model. Or, an advertiser could showcase how multiple ingredients come together to make a delicious meal.
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