Flexibility In Loyalty Programs Most Appealing


According to a Global Survey, 72 percent respondents, stated that Loyalty Programs are the key determinant for their shopping decision. According to the report “In fact, almost two-thirds (72%) of global respondents agree that, all other factors equal, they’ll buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without.”

All Loyalty Programs are not created equal. Here are some of the insights for features that are found to be more appealing than others, according to The Nielsen Global Loyalty-Sentiment Survey among 30000 online consumers in 63 countries.

Flexibility in Loyalty programs was seen to be the most appealing feature. The ability to earn rewards across channels was seen as one of the draws for a loyalty program. As high as 81 percent respondents liked that they could earn rewards in-store, online or on mobile and 79 percent liked the ability to choose from rewards.

Personalized rewards based on past purchase activity was seen as very important by 77 percent of respondents. Personalized products or service recommendations was seen as attractive by 60 percent of respondents.

Rewards linked to a purchase activity was seen as appealing by 70 percent of respondents. Opportunity to earn bonus was seen to be an important feature by 76 percent of the respondents. Points and rewards for referrals was seen to be important by 67 percent of respondents. Tiered programs were seen as important by 60 percent of rewards programs.

Technology played a significant role in the choice of Loyalty Programs. Some of the features that were found appealing are Integration with Mobile Payment System so that the rewards can be automatically earned and used. The other Technology related benefits that nearly 60 percent of respondents found important are earning of rewards by sharing on Social Networks, Store specific Loyalty program and integration with Third Party programs.



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Now That’s Rewarding



Marriott50Bill Craigle of Mechanicsville, New York and 50 of his family and friends got an all-expenses paid trip to watch the big game in a luxury suite at Levi’s Stadium. The team that won an all expenses paid trip for Super Bowl 50 and earned a reward of a liftetime with Marriott rewards was made possible with Marriott Rewards #50To50 campaign.


On September 7, 2015, Marriott Rewards launched the #50to50 Sweepstakes in partnership with the NFL, giving one lucky member the experience of a lifetime — to attend Super Bowl 50 with 50 friends. On December 15, 2015, Bill Craigle was selected as the winner. The campaign that was launched online was promoted across social networks. Marriott Rewards shared an online YouTube video of Bill Craigle and former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher surprise 50 people with an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco for Super Bowl 50.

The Rewards that required users to tag up to 50 friends was activated on Social Networks for audiences to share their photos with hashtags and earn bonus reward points.

The program was promoted post the winner announcement with social media posts on Facebook introducing members from the winning team.


Marriott Rewards campaign was distinctive as it used the theme of Super Bowl 50 and at the same time engaged audiences with a unique contest design that required contestants to choose 50 friends and make their Super Bowl memorable. The contest was designed to deliver on the Marriott Rewards positioning of Now That’s Rewarding. With images and stories of team members that made it to the winning team the campaign came across as credible and believable.

Credits: Marriott Rewards team that made #50to50 happen.