Messaging Apps Promotion for Audience Engagement


taco-bell-date-01-2014Audience Engagement on Messaging Apps has been immense for Taco Bell, with up to 80 percent of Taco Bell’s followers opening its Snaps. Snaps can be simple photos set to self-destruct within seconds or they can be Snapchat Stories, an amalgam of messages, photos and videos that run for minutes and are available for watching over a 24-hour period.

Messaging Apps have injected a whole new boost to the excitement around promotions that are targeted at the younger audiences.

According to a case study, shared for Taco bell, which has over 200,000 followers, Taco bell has successfully harbored its friendship and forged a relationship on the messaging apps with directed replies that keeps fans engaged.

The other key element that has gone into engaging audiences is giving out prizes as incentives that keep the younger audience coming back in anticipation for winning something.


In November 2014 Taco Bell upped its college football deal to partner the College Football Playoffs a new playoff system which allows teams to compete for a place in the National Championship Game.
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