Starbucks And Spotify Partner To Offer Unique Experiential Rewards


starbucksspotifyMusic Streaming is an increasingly popular phenomenon with more than 30 percent of younger audiences in US, choosing Music Streaming as one of the top three most important subscription based media services. Starbucks and Spotify have come together to usher in the next generation music eco-system with the hope that the audiences who enjoy Starbucks and Music will take the experience home. The partnership is unique as it offers an all new brand experience making your coffee more enjoyable with in-store playlists created by Starbucks Barista for the customers.

In addition to Playlists from Starbucks Barista, there are rewards that could be linked to free coffee on subscribing to Spotify Premium. According to a report “The coffee company’s 150,000 U.S.-based employees will receive a free Spotify Premium subscription and will be able to use Spotify to influence in-store playlists. Those playlists will then be available to stream within the Starbucks app. Spotify users will also be able to gain rewards points for the Starbucks app and will be able to listen to the in-store playlists within the Spotify apps”.

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