Target’s Digital and Omnichannel Retail Strategy Brings New Customers

Target announced its fourth quarter and full-year 2015 results on February 24, 2016. For full-year 2015, Target’s comparable sales grew 2.1 percent, comparable traffic increased 1.3 percent and Adjusted EPS increased 11.3 percent to USD 4.69. Target increased the retail presence with Omnichannel retail strategy and saw the Mobile retail sales increase by over 2.5X with […]

Gift Cards Retail Trends

According to Bizrate Insights, a survey conducted among consumers of 5000 eCommerce retailers via an online survey presented immediately after completing a purchase, Gift Cards are seen to be preferred by Millennials, with over 70 percent of 18-34 years, hoping to receive Gift Cards. However, there is a gap among consumers hoping to receive a […]

12 Notable Brand Campaigns This Holiday Season

Target Launches The Holiday Odyssey Target followed a Storytelling approach engaging audiences with a brand experience titled Adventure, where three kids and Bullseye set on a  quest to light up a Giant tree, set in a magical forest. In another video, Target introduces Free shipping an returns with a   story where the adventure is Set […]

Amazon Leads Impression Share For Paid Search Advertising

In total, 30,563 advertisers spent USD 106 million sponsoring the keyword group consisting of 2500 keywords via U.S. Google Search Ads for Desktop and Mobile from October 15 through November 15. Far fewer advertisers, a total of 6,091, spent USD 22.3 million sponsoring the keyword group via Product Listing Ads on U.S. Google Desktop/Tablet during […]