Disney’s Planes Buzz in Social Media

Disney’s Planes tells the thrilling and heart-warming story of Dusty, a plane with high-flying dreams of racing.
There’s just one small problem: He’s afraid of heights.
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Five Notable Ways to Redefine Brand Experience

expimageBranding with content that is interactive and promoted in social networks, could mean redefining insights to understand implicit and emotionally charged elements that consumers take away from the total brand experience.

Brands can bring experiences to life with images, interaction and content that reinforces brand values at each stage of the consumer decision-making journey. Of all the Moments of Truth in total brand experience, the ones that make a difference, create bonds among the people who are part of the brand community.
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Ten Steps to guide your Social Media Planning

bizpic“…Brands now need an average of 29 employees to manage over 20,000 daily interactions across 50 social accounts.”
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