Five Undeniable Truths About Content Marketing

Brand Storytelling begins with the customer

The customer is at the center of your Brand Story and not the Brand. It is about how your customers want to see and experience the brand. You may have a great proposition but if it does not meet with customer’s expectations or content quest, the customer will look for other content sources.

Marriott that has announced the launch of its Content Marketing initiative, with a magazine marriott Traveler” based on the success of a short film “Two Bellmen“. Two Bellmen has amassed over 4 million views.

Content Marketing brings Your Brand to Life in Your Customers’ lives

Customer wants to interpret and consume information that they find and stories that are likely to breathe life into your customers expression or way of interpretation, the story is not likely to make for a great Content Marketing effort. Content that you share with your audience should seek to add value to your customers lives by enriching the customer experience.

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Create Brand Experience With Themed Digital Marketing Campaigns

March Madness ‘ Digital ad spending has increased from USD 479 million in 2005 to more than a billion in 2014. Ads are streamed to 9.9 million viewers with ad-supported video casts. Capitalizing on the trend is Acura that has launched “March Memeness” campaign where there are over 103 Meme’s  that are featured on the brands site with a digital blitz planned on ESPN, social media sites to create an organic buzz for the brand.

Acura rep Jessica Fini said the company would engage in real-time marketing efforts on March 26, and “depending on how that goes,” potentially also on March 28 and 29.

According to MediaPost, Part of the automaker’s association with the NCAA, it extends the “Catch if you Can” theme for the car via alignment with the NCAA Tournament Challenge, of which Acura has been a sponsor for three years.

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Top Gainer Luxury Brand Prada Leads With Significant Growth in Brand Value

According to Millward Brown Brandz Top 100, 2013 Report,  the Brand that has gained significantly over last year (63 %), Top risers 2013, in Brand Value in all segments is Prada.

BrandzTop risers 2013
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Key Steps to an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

You Tube Ads, Video SEO, Social Media Outreach, You Tube Channel Management, Website Embedding and developing the right Content Mix are key to optimizing your Brand presence with an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy. Social Media Outreach gives Better Search Rankings and improves visibility. Approximately 50 % of You Tube Video views are generated by external sites.


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