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Advertisers spent 47 percent more year over year on social ads in the second quarter of 2016, as per a research study by Kenshoo.  The study was carried out for campaigns with 550 billion impressions, 11 billion clicks across 20 categories for an estimated advertising spend of USD 6 billion spent during the last five quarters. Smartphones and tablets that are at 64 percent of the total spend make for 92 percent of all advertising spend. Smartphone advertising grew by 63 percent and product ads grew by 71 percent, leading to a total increase in search advertising spend of 10 percent year-over-year. Kenshoo’s study reinforces previous research showing that Facebook advertising makes search campaigns work harder. Adding Facebook Ads to search campaigns boosts campaign performance. Facebook ads are known to increase conversion rates and lower the cost of acquisition.


Facebook ads

Key Insights

There was a 19 percent average increase in total conversions among the people who saw Facebook advertising compared with those who saw just paid search advertising. Advertisers looking at increasing campaign reach with Mobile first audiences should build social media advertising in their campaigns.
Among people who saw the Facebook ads in addition to the paid search ads, there was a 10 percent average decrease in cost per acquisition due to the increase in conversions.
Conversions increased as spending on Facebook ads rose, but there was a “sweet spot,” or minimum and maximum spend level on Facebook, to get the strongest performance at the least cost. Finding the Sweet Spot for your social ad campaigns can help advertisers maximize ROI from search and advertising campaigns.



Knockout Digital Tactics For Cyber Monday Campaign


Mobile Traffic on Thanksgiving reached 60 percent and an upward trend was seen on Black Friday. As reported by Internet Retailer, “Early data points to about 15 percent year-over-year e-commerce sales growth year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, with a total of USD 2.6 billion in online spending projected for the day, according to Adobe Digital Index data”. Thanksgiving Day, however, may have put a dent in early Black Friday sales. Record online sales of USD 1.73 billion Thursday were 25 percent higher than in 2014, Adobe said Friday.

For retailers looking at optimizing Campaigns for Cyber Monday here are the Fast Fives :

Bing’s Flyers With Deals

Get your offers to a flying start with Bing’s Flyer ads that are hosted on The top deals are featured above search results and can be browsed in a carousel format, for Brand Keywords. The users can click on the ad to shop the deal from the retailer’s site as shared by Search Engine Land. Advertisers using PLAs and Flyer ads can look at Remarketing campaigns to increase conversions.Flyer


Structured Snippets For Cyber Monday

DTRucsnippetGoogle has introduced Structured Snippet for Cyber Monday allowing for automated ads targeting users with different ad creatives.

Brands can target audiences with  Dynamic structured snippets on “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network only” campaign types.





Call-out Extensions


Use Call-out extensions to promote your Gift Guide and deals for the day. Highlight the Offer in the headline. Use Call-out extensions to get the user to offer landing page. Optimize for Mobile as search traffic from Mobile has exceeded Desktop.

Optimize For Click-Share With eCPC To Maximize Conversions

Maximize Clicks from your Search Campaigns to coincide with the increase in Search query volume in place of Impression Share. Check on the content and Keywords that your audiences are most likely to be searching for the holiday season. Use eCPC to optimize for user context and auction dynamics on top of your max CPC bid. With eCPC, while maintaining a manual max CPC bidding control you can get as many as 7 percent more conversions or sales at the same cost. ECPC for text ads is available on the Search Network and the Display Network, except in campaigns that promote mobile app downloads. For Product Listing Ads, ECPC works only on Google Search.  Including advanced conversions setting for Mobile lets you include cross-device conversions providing for cross-device channel conversion optimization. Googlr recommends using eCPC for Shopping Campaigns and here’s how to  set the eCPC for Shopping Campaigns.

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • From your Campaigns tab, click the name of the Shopping campaign you want to work with.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Find the “Bid strategy” section. Click Edit.
  • Choose the “Focus on clicks” option and then check the box for Enable Enhanced CPC.


Promote Offers On Social Media

Time your Social Media offers for Online Moment of activation. Promote your offers with trends and Keywords that are most likely to be searched for on Cyber Monday.


Extend your brand campaigns with online deals to promote offers that are likely to appeal to online shoppers on Cyber Monday.



Ten Last-Minute Tips For Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Optimize For Mobile

Shoppers use smartphones to find stores, check prices, research products and purchase products or Call for Information. To optimize your ad for mobile, Bing Ads recommends adding call extensions, location extensions, app extensions and sitelink extensions to ensure that your Smartphone audience is able to connect with your business for all search queries. The search queries for Mobile have the highest CTR in the last weeks of November and December making it the best time for increasing clicks for Retail.


Messaging That Appeals To Holiday Shoppers’ Shopping Instinct

Messaging for Holiday Season that appeals to the Shopper’s instinct gets seen more with 55 percent shoppers splurging on deals to stock-up for the rest of the year.

Engage and Upsell With Receipts

With shoppers shopping earlier in the Holiday Season, email receipts for your products can be a way to up-sell and cross-sell for key online shopping events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or other Online sales events.



Tackle Cart Abandons With Remarketing

Tackle Cart abandons with  remarketing and retargeting options such as Bing Remarketing for Search  and Shopping campaigns, allowing advertisers greater flexibility for targeting with bids, keywords and ad groups to improve campaign ROI. Create Ad sets and Ad Creative that allow consumers to explore newer shipping options such as same day shipping for limited products or Waiving off shipping charges for orders above a certain value. Use Context to increase CTRs for your campaigns.

As high as 68 percent audience quote Price to be the key reason for abandoning the cart with Payments and Delivery options being unsuitable for completing purchases. Marketers tackling search traffic during the peak days can set up retargeting campaigns offers that assure audiences about the price as well as secure payment options. Google AdWords sitelink extensions can be used to highlight shipping and delivery options.  Google recommends, Increasing location bid adjustments for searches that occur close to a store location. Add all mobile-relevant extensions such as location, call, or app extensions to engage users on the go. Go with one description line, prioritize the most important information in the first line. For any new services launched, include relevant messaging and sitelink extensions,








Optimize Campaigns For Click Share 

Maximize Clicks from your Search Campaigns to coincide with the increase in Search query volume in place of Impression Share. Check on the content and Keywords that your audiences are most likely to be searching for the holiday season.


Include Topics and Context

Promote your services and offers linked to the Keywords for campaigns that are likely to increase clicks for your campaigns. Use ClickShare from Google to identify Product Groups that are likely to grow with search advertising. Include targeting based on Context with Topics that holiday shoppers are most likely to engage with.


Real-time Bidding and Enhanced CPC For Maximizing Conversions

Use eCPC to optimize for user context and auction dynamics on top of your max CPC bid. With eCPC, while maintaining a manual max CPC bidding control you can get as many as 7 percent more conversions or sales at the same cost.

Location Based Targeting

Shopping Insights from Google can give location-based preference that can help you target audiences based on regional preference. Facebook Audience Insights will  feature the age demographic of the audience, and the distance from the store. The data is reported at an aggregate level under the location settings tab in account settings from the More section in Facebook mobile App. Read More about insights on With location insights Retailers can target audiences with messaging and creative as well as campaign objectives such as Offer Claims that increases conversions.

Cross-Device Optimization

Increase conversions with Cross-device and Cross channel messaging, that is likely to target users as customers. Audiences that engage on one device, buy on another. Engage audiences on one device are likely to buy on another. Increase in-app messaging and advertising for digital propeties your audiences frequent for holiday shopping ideas.




Include CTA In Mobile Video

Including CTA in Mobile Video Ads can increase clicks and conversion with the right information required to make the transaction.


Insights and Best Practices For Cyber Monday Campaign




According to an IBM Commerce report published by IBM Digital Analytics, Cyber Monday Marketing Campaigns in 2014 yielded an 8.5 percent YOY growth in Online Sales. On Cyber Monday, mobile traffic accounted for 41.2 percent of all online traffic, up 30.1 percent over 2013. Mobile sales were also strong, reaching 22 percent of total Cyber Monday online sales, an increase of 27.6 percent year-over-year.

Determining your Digital Play for the Holiday  season early helps your brand connect with the customers at the right stage of the buyer journey. The audience engagement is seen to last for a longer period of time with retailers that plan their campaigns sequentially for different days with offers and deals customized for the occasion.

Some of the Best Practices shared by Forrester Research and IBM Commerce, require retailers to plan their Marketing messages and Campaigns to be on time for capitalizing on the retail upswing on Cyber Monday.

Convenience is the key reason driving online purchases with other reasons being shipping offers, in-store availability, online exclusive offers and Gift purchases. In case your customers are looking for a certain experience, you could make Cyber Monday shopping more rewarding with a unique experience.

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