Reese’s Rules March Madness With Social Media and Content Marketing

Reese’s, the official candy partner of the NCAA, has created buzz with social media push and a Content marketing strategy that focuses on creating an engagement with the College students with sponsorship of Reese’s Final Four Friday and the Reese’s College All-Star Game. A campaign that has used creative to emphasize moments within the game with […]

Remarketing On Mobile Apps For Campaign ROI


With the popularity of Social Media Apps, your campaign or app could get  ROI boost with engaging ads and targeting abilities offered by ad networks that let you target the users of popular social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook has partnered with LiveRail to offer advertisers and publishers a way to reach audiences with Targeting based on Facebook’s Audience targeting, allowing for custom audience and lookalike audience targeting. The ad formats being offered range from Interstitial Video ads to Fullscreen video Adverts including high performing native ad formats.


Facebook has partnered with LiveRail to provide advertisers opportunity to publish ads directly tapping into the Facebook targeting abilities and LiveRail’s analytical abilities. LiveRail’s advanced, real-time analytics allow advertisers and publishers to get actionable insights into buyer behavior so they can track and pivot against every possible revenue and performance metric. The capability to target Facebook users has been defined as people based targeting. According to LiveRail, Publishers can now use the same audience targeting features as available on Facebook.

“LiveRail is increasing the relevance of the ads people see on publisher’s sites and mobile apps by adding Facebook’s anonymized people-based marketing capabilities to our platform.

This means the right ad can be delivered to the right person at the right time, and publishers can segment and sell their inventory more effectively, more accurately target their impressions, reduce the waste created by inaccurate delivery, and deliver better ROI for their advertisers.

Facebook anonymized demographic information will be available in all formats supported by LiveRail, including desktop and mobile video, and our new extension into in-app mobile display.

Initial test partners for our new people-based marketing capabilities will include A+E Networks, Dailymotion, and Univision.”

The ad formats that are being offered are
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Brands Use Insights to Redefine User Experience

beachAs the customer path-to-purchase gets redefined in a Multi-Channel and a Multi-device environment Brands are adding newer features to increase both online and offline sales by redefining user experience with newer features.

Categories that have a different path-to-purchase with a different number of days and the channels that are used to reach the final decision, could look at offering features to redefine User Experience.

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Advertising Optimization with Programmatic Buying

imageadvtgWith Video and Display Advertising leading the growth in Marketing Spend, Programmatic Buying may be the way forward for brands looking at sharpening insights and optimizing advertising spend.

Programmatic Buying empowers marketers to buy ads in a specific context determining precisely which consumer gets to see what rather than segment based buys. With Programmatic Buying, buyers can reach the right kind of consumer in the right context with the right messaging.
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