Key Trends To Boost Your App Marketing In 2015

Apps have emerged as a standalone sales  channel bringing in new customers for brands beyond the online, retail store-fronts and social networks. To engage audiences in 2015, a study  by Localytics has been shared in The App Marketing Guide 2015. Personalized campaigns based on segmentation are recommended as an effective Marketing Tactic for 2015 to engage and retain your App users.

Users are spending more time than ever with their apps, but certain app categories show a greater increase than others. In a similar manner Push messaging has brought in more  engaged users with higher app installs and iPad users have longer app sessions. App customers acquired through Paid advertising campaigns are as likely to return to the return the app within 60 days with second and third session more likely for the Paid ad acquired user than the organic user. Push messaging is seen more effective in certain context and for certain verticals such as Travel & Leisure. The open rates for e-commerce push messaging is the highest in anticipation of deals.

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Brands Use Insights to Redefine User Experience

beachAs the customer path-to-purchase gets redefined in a Multi-Channel and a Multi-device environment Brands are adding newer features to increase both online and offline sales by redefining user experience with newer features.

Categories that have a different path-to-purchase with a different number of days and the channels that are used to reach the final decision, could look at offering features to redefine User Experience.

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Digital Advertising and Cross Channel Attribution

ciattrbneffvnssContent powers media machine, data sets the course and the ability to translate information into actionable insights refines your marketing approach for improved results. In a Multi Device and Omni-Channel Environment Cross Channel Attribution and Optimization are critical to maximize advertising effectiveness. According to e-Marketer, 40 % of all offline purchases start online.
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