Domino’s Launches Piece of The Pie Rewards

Domino’s has launched a Rewards Program that allows consumers to accumulate points for online orders, toward a Free Pizza. For every order more than USD 10, consumers can get Rewards Points that can be accumulated for a free Medium Topping Pizza. The TV Commercial for rewards program highlights the ease of earning a free pizza. […]

Digital Brand Advertising Gains Increased Advertising Budgets

With increased Mobile and Digital advertising budgets over holiday season, to get better response rates to marketing campaigns, brand advertisers are seeing better response to brand advertising campaigns and not only response driven advertising. The trend is seen across mobile, social media, video and other digital advertising channels such as apps, messaging apps and third-party market places. the improved advertising response is reflected in increased budgets for Digital Brand Advertising.

In 2014 there was an increase of 33 percent in digital brand advertising over 2013, as reported by Nielsen. The increase in Brand Digital advertising budgets were reported for 70 percent Marketers surveyed by Nielsen in collaboration with CMO Council.

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Twitter launches Lead Generation Twitter Cards


Twitter launched Lead Generation Cards with Call-To-Action  in Promoted Tweets on the Microblogging site. Brands and Marketers seeking to generate leads can now integrate a call to action in their messaging. The Messaging could be in rich text and visuals that could seek to promote  brands, offer, sign-ups or offer rewards instantaneously.

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