Optimize Your Seasonal Campaigns With Google Shopping Camapigns

Are you gearing up to optimize your campaigns for Holiday season.

Google Shopping campaigns are an effective way to maximize and optimize your holiday season marketing with seasonal campaigns targeting the mobile shopper. Mobile has led the way in increasing impressions for last holiday season with Q4 impressions increasing by 70 percent in Q4 2013. Google Shopping campaigns with its mobile segmentation can now enable a separate queue for mobile with the mobile attribute and specifically designed mobile landing pages to target by device ownership to optimize your mobile marketing. This is highly important to drive conversions for your site as 38 % of all website traffic is now mobile.

To help you plan your Shopping Campaign for the holidays here are some key steps and tools Shared by Google.
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Ten Steps to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing reaches audience organically with SEO, blogs, and social media to attract, engage and convert visitors to customers. With captivating content, Inbound Marketing answers customers queries by solving a real problem, turning them from prospects into customers. It is proven to work, with Inbound marketing delivering 54 percent more leads than traditional marketing at […]