Five Ways To Reimagine Content For The Mobile Shopper

Creating Content for engaging and retargeting the audience, can make all the difference to your campaign performance, from generating awareness to increasing conversions. As you have a large set of audience that may have visited your brand’s site, you may choose to select a sub-segment for retargeting depending on your campaign objective. To know more […]

Video Engagement Strategy – Makeover Ideas, Unboxing and How To Videos

Food and drink, fashion and style, and mobile phone unboxing videos have seen 42 percent, 90 percent, and 200 percent growth in popularity, according to ThinkWithGoogle. With over 20 Million search results for Unboxing,¬†one in five consumers¬†report watching an unboxing video, according to Google Consumer Surveys. Planning your content for the omni-channel and mobile-first audience […]

Sixteen Ways To Prime Your Brand Content For 2016

Brand Content for Discovery and amplification can bring better campaign ROI for your brand. Campaign reach on Digital channels brings reach beyond the targeted audience with content amplification. Here are sixteen content marketing tips that can prepare your Brand Content for the mobile-first and digital audiences. Content That Engages Snickers launched Super Bowl 50 contest […]