Multi-Tasking Phenomenon Makes Digital Critical For Brands

Digital A research by Nielsen, covering over 2 Million data points with over 50 hours of video has shown that consumers are more likely to see your ad for a campaign on a connected device than on Television with Multi-screen usage, with 70 to 90 percent of the ads being seen on the connected device compared to 30 percent of ads seen on TV. The study shows that campaigns that rely solely on TV advertising may not get the viewers’ attention as the attention sharply drops off after the first few minutes. At the same time the recall and attention for brand campaign that involves more than one screen is likely to get viewed and have a greater engagement with multi-tasking audience. Although the TV usage is high, attention to TV drops significantly after the first few minutes.

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In-App Advertising Spend Outpaces Mobile Web Based Spend 3X

For the first time, the mobile app spending will outpace mobile web browser ad dollars nearly 3-to-1. Advertisers will spend $20.79 billion to reach consumers via mobile apps in 2015, compared with $7.93 billion on mobile browsers, according to  eMarketer Digital Advertising  report.

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Audience Reach and Connected Devices

The evolving media habits with newer digital options have seen the streaming phenomenon overtake the video viewing on smartphones with at least 15 percent of the Millennials watching TV/Video on Smartphones everyday.

To understand media reach across different demographics here are Media Charts from Nielsen that help you understand Audience reached with different Media.

90 percent of Any Demographic in the US can be reached on Radio.

Radio Reach
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Campaign Insights for Targeting Mobile Consumer

RichmediaimgApps will generate revenues of $25 billion in 2013; $16.4 billion will come from smartphone apps and $8.8 billion from tablet apps. Of this $25 billion, 65 percent will come from Apple’s iOS ecosystem, 27 percent from Google’s Android, and the remaining 8 percent from the other mobile platforms. In 2018, app revenues will be worth $92 billion with tablet apps being worth more than smartphone apps, forecasts ABI Research.- MobiThinking.
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