Alexa Reveals Exclusives For Amazon’s Prime Day


Amazon’s Prime Day for Amazon Prime subscribers – a subscription service that comes with a free 30 Day Trial, changes the game with a two-hour delivery promise for the Amazon Prime subscribers on the Prime Day. Amazon has Countdown Deals that are featured on, however Alexa, the virtual assistant available on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap, has exclusives that are going to be revealed a few days prior to the event.

Here’s a little ditty from Alexa on Amazon Prime Day, “Tell secrets I cannot, but since you ask, this hint is what I’ve got. On July 8, early birds get their meal, so ask me then, and I will reveal some deals.”



Amazon’s Content and campaign for Prime Day engages audiences with a commercial that builds on the retailer’s location-based offers, where audiences are engaged with a slew of content, targeting audiences with Contests, Sweepstakes, Video advertising and Social Media Posts. Amazon has already started offering “Prime Day Countdown Deals“. With the Deals locator users can locate countdown deals on offer based on target location. The Amazon app has regular updates on deals that are going to be available.


Amazon’s audience engagement is centered around offering a Preview of tracks that are available for Amazon Prime Music and a photo contest that requires users to upload a photo with no purchase necessary. Amazon’s social media strategy centers around engaging users with a poll for Prime day.





Amazon’s Prime Day Product Deals are available with Countdown deals that are announced on Every day. According to a CNet update, Amazon plans to offer Alexa Powered Specials for Prime Day that makes Virtual Assistant as a Must have for scoring on the Prime Day.

Amazon’s engagement for Prime Day centered around deals on offer has  generated over 24 Million impressions, with being the lead source of traffic.


With Alexa Buying Products Is As Easy As Saying “Yes”


Alexa-swear-930x477Amazon’s Alexa, a virtual assistant that allows users to add voice commands by speaking into the Echo speakers, can now order over a Million products on Amazon. According to The Verge, ” if you say, “Alexa, enable NBC News,” or “Alexa, enable Fitbit” or “Alexa, enable Dad-Bot”  to an Echo speaker, the smart software will add those third-party skill sets to your set up, so you can issue more voice commands for those apps”.

With Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, or Amazon Fire TV, you can order over a Million products available on Amazon. The Voice Command has been activated for Amazon Prime subscribers. The Virtual Assistant cannot order apparel, shoes, jewelry, watches, Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry, Prime Now, or Add-On items.

Virtual assistant Ordering brings a new challenge to the Virtual assistant space where brands were vying for conversational commands and adding skills such as making a shopping list or checking the flight status. Amazon Alexa’s Skills Kit was recently upgraded with 1400 Skills that allow users to enable Skills from Third Party Apps by simply speaking into the speakers with the command “Alexa Enable”.  “Now people who own devices like the $180 Echo and the $130 Amazon Tap can enable new skills, or capabilities, simply by saying, “Alexa, enable” and then saying the name of the desired skill. Until now, you had to retrieve your phone or tablet, find the skill, and turn it on.”. according to Venture Beat. Some of the updates on Amazon’s Alexa are:

  • There are now over 1,400 Alexa skills and the catalog has grown by 50 percent in just over one month
  • Customers have made over 3 million requests using the top 10 most popular Alexa skills
  • Since January 2016, selection of Alexa smart home API skills has grown by more than 5x

A comparison of Google Home scheduled for launch later in the year and Amazon’s Alexa shows Amazon is far ahead in the game, though Google Home has unique features such as the synced audio playback to multiple devices.


With a  Virtual Assistant Interface, the buyer journey is now redefined as users can now buy products with voice commands. The Path To Purchase is redefined to  “No Click Ordering” with the Virtual Assistants.