Audience Reach and Connected Devices


The evolving media habits with newer digital options have seen the streaming phenomenon overtake the video viewing on smartphones with at least 15 percent of the Millennials watching TV/Video on Smartphones everyday.

To understand media reach across different demographics here are Media Charts from Nielsen that help you understand Audience reached with different Media.

90 percent of Any Demographic in the US can be reached on Radio.

Radio Reach
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Streaming and Branded Digital Properties


Digital Downloads and Streaming for music and Video content has taken over the music sales on Cds, Vinyl, Records and LPs with streaming revenues growing from 21 percent in 2013 to 27 percent of music sales in 2014. TV Viewing  for Millennials is largely on Mobiles with more than 60 percent viewing Video on mobile, presenting advertisers with opportunities for creating newer brand experiences and ways to target audiences.


According to a comScore report, one out of every ten minutes on Mobile is spent on Pandora, and more than 40 percent of time spent on online video for TV viewing and engagement with TV properties is on Mobile.



Data from a report suggests that music brands and bands use Twitter the most for Social Media engagement followed by Instagram, which is growing at a faster rate than Twitter. Facebook remains the preferred network for millennial fan engagement. Universal remains the biggest label with majority of artists with an artist portal that  measures music and video sales, streaming, social media, airplay, merchandising and ticket sales.
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Audience Engagement on Instagram


Katy Perry’s post on Instagram has engaged audience generating over 320000 likes in less than 48 hours. The post coincides with the release of video ” This Is How We Do” which has over 11 million likes in less than a week. Continue reading