Retailers Launch Unique Engagement Strategies

With a majority of Shopping and related searches taking place prior to end of November, Retailers are engaging shoppers with deals that are likely to strike a chord with the seasonal shopper. Most shoppers start their shopping path with a search for sales online and often look for deals and coupons. November is the month […]

“Become a Favorite” – Engage Audiences with A Brand Contest on Vine


Lowe’s  Vine campaign this season, announcing new deals every day from Nov 27 to Dec 3 is a Retail first for bringing new deals to the audiences who actively engage with Mobile Video platform. According to Deal, Lowe’s opted to be both early and attention-grabbing this week by releasing 6-second Vine videos that tease Black Friday deals.

The campaign has seen generated audience engagement with over 2 Million loops for the first post released 24 days ago.  The campaign is promoted with hashtag Lowesblackfriday and the vignettes can be viewed at The campaign is unique as it showcases Black Friday Deals with animated imagery creating Brand Appeal across product categories.

Updating audiences with new features will become easier as brands can now push notifications once they are favorited by the followers. This is possible with a newly added feature on Vine that allows users to favorite a brand by pressing the star button on the screen as highlighted below.

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