Native Video Advertising At Scale For Brand Metrics and Advertising Campaign Goals

Mobile  advertising has delivered on Brand Performance Metrics, with a clear lift on most parameters including Brand Favorability.

Mobile is key to engaging audiences and native video advertising seems to be gaining ground with Digital video performing better for Brands compared to display advertising.

Campaigns on premium sites are performing better, pointing towards a trend where Native Video Advertising at scale and on premium sites or with innovative formats may be the way forward to achieve your brand goals.

According to a report by Nielsen, the Time Shifted TV audience makes for 64 percent of Total audience.In terms of mobile and computer users, 122 million viewers watched video on a smartphone, 146 million watched video on the Internet and 164 million people used an app/web on a smartphone.

In Q4 2014, traditional TV reached an average of 285 million viewers, however nearly half of the total audience viewed video on Smartphones and Internet, while 164 Million or more than 60 percent of total audience used an app or accessed web on Smartphones.

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