Ten Ways To Promote Your Brand With Boomerang


Boomerang from Instagram is an App that allows users to create looping videos with images to be shared on social networks. Here are Ten ways you can use Boomerang to promote your brand using Instagram.

Effectively engage audiences with  posts from influencers for your brand with loops of short clips  footage that can be promoted on Instagram and Facebook . A single branded message promoted through a looping video has been proven by research to be more effective.  Create a Brand showcase on Instagram as can be seen from Red Bull’s #EnterTheKaleidoscope where Red Bull has partnered with Kriss Kyle to promote exclusive BMX Footage.

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Getting Your Marketing Approach Right For Mobile



Millennials and Light TV Viewers according to a CPG Study by Nielsen, for Facebook, have shown a greater preference for online shopping and mobile payments.



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Steps To Successful Brand Strategy on Social Media


According to a research report by Forrester, the average posts on Social networks by the Top 50 Global Brands have increased, however the interaction rates for all networks except Facebook are declining. Top brands on Facebook have doubled their fan count over the last year with average number of fans for each brand being at 18.1 Million.

Instagram engagement at 2.261 percent  is half of the interaction rate in 2014, though Brand posts have increased by 50 percent over last year with 4.9 average posts per week. The findings are based on 11.8 million user interactions on 2,489 posts made by 249 branded profiles for Top 50 Global Brands.

Interaction rates on Facebook have increased on average and according to Forrester Research ReportHow Top Brands Are Using Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram“; this increase is attributable to more brands paying to promote the posts to reach their audiences. For your Brand Strategy to deliver results on Social Media, you have to bring greater focus by connecting with your audience with the right messaging on networks that your audiences are most likely to interact with your brand on.

Start with defining Your Core Target Audience

Start with mapping your core target audience and their social media behavior. Your target audience is defined based on age, gender, location, interests among other things. While your target audience may be grouped into broader age group of 18-45, each age group may have a different social media usage and therefore needs to be targeted accordingly. Here is a detailed break-down of different networks demographic based on PEW Internet research, shared by Sprout Social.






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Five Social Media Campaigns For 2015 And Key Lessons For Brand Marketers

Brand Marketers looking at social media channels, to promote their brands can benefit from the social media strategy followed by  five brands, with engaging contests, partnerships, product launches and newer customer experiences to create significant buzz.
Seasonal Product Launch

Oreo’s limited editions launched through the year to time the launch with different seasons, has created an epochal social media buzz for the brand. The newest addition is the “Pumpkin Spice Flavor”, with an Instagram caption

There’s a fall bite in the air. That means Pumpkin Spice Flavored Oreo cookies are here. Get munching.

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