HangIt App For Campaigns Offers Contextual Targeting



With marketers seeking greater personalization for mobile campaigns, in-app advertising has proven effective in creating a newer experience for app users with push-notifications and campaigns that are based on user actions. While behavior targeting, takes into account 360 view of the user’s profile and customizes campaign targeted at users along the buyer journey, push-notifications are not location-targeted. With Hangit, brand marketers  have a complete flexibility in targeting users at scale, based on location and time regardless  of the device and platform with the unique contextual targeting automation.  Hangit is unique as it targets users in a specific Context making the marketing message more relevant.

HangIt’s proposition is ideally suited for app marketers looking at re-engaging audiences with seamless integration of mobile SDK, which can be integrated in a day, with an easy-to-use Campaign Portal, enabling organizations to ‘hang’ marketing or messages anywhere to be delivered to smartphone users at that target location.

HangIt’s unique targeting feature – Contextual Targeting Automation™ – identifies key points in the customer journey such as “leaving home for work,” “on the train home” or “parking at my competitors location” and enables immediate customer notification based on context – even when the app is closed. HangIt targets audiences with a relevant framework creating suitable opportunities for  enabling highly valuable  “glanceable moments” and highly targeted and valuable interactions.

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