Doritos Launches Batman V. Superman Contest

Ahead of Batman V Superman, a Zack Snyder film, Dawn Of Justice scheduled for March 25, 2016 release, Doritos has launched a contest with prizes that are linked to taking either Batman or Superman’s side for instant prizes that are linked to codes. The Contest titled, “Chose Your Side, Choose Your Prize”, is a chance-based […]

Brand Campaigns and Visual Messaging That Resonates

Graphic Interactive Format (GIF) has been used by brands for engaging audiences in campaigns that resonate with the Mobile audiences. Brands that have integrated the format in their campaign and found success, appeal to the audiences for  humor and creativity in the campaign while fulfilling a need for belonging, as described in “Understanding the Psychological Impact of GIFs in your Marketing Campaign“.

According to Adweek, Facebook is about to let brands post GIFs, Twitter recently allowed for auto-looped GIFs on its native video player and as mentioned by The Content Strategist, Michael Peggs, CEO of Marccx Media, says, “So many studies have shown that captivating imagery leads to better engagement. If you can interact with those images, even better. Branded GIFs are the perfect combination of content marketing and interactive communication.”

The Format with a looping nature and ability to captivate audiences has been seen to be effective in getting the campaign message across with visuals. Some of the reasons brand campaigns with GIfs seem to be working are:


Microsoft’s GIF shared by The Verge shows a Ninja Cat riding a T Rex, that places the brand in a cool context by featuring Ninja cat riding the T.Rex in Skype.

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