Mobile Traffic Increases To Nearly 60 Percent For Black Friday


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TrueView Shopping Ads On YouTube Offer Click-To-Buy Option

Google combining the TrueView Ad targeting and Google Merchant Center feed, has created a breakthrough in Audience Targeting with TrueView Shopping Ads that will allow retailers to link their product feed with the video campaign, allowing retailers to target products based on the users context and profile. The integration of Google Merchant center and YouTube will allow retailers to directly target audiences based on the contextual and audience profile data as the ads that are served in-stream will depend on the users’ profile based on the audience targeting options defined by the retailer.


TrueView for Shopping makes use of the YouTube cards introduced earlier, allowing brands to prominently display and showcase the product features and benefits, with a Click-To-Buy option available within the video ad that directs the users directly to the product details page or the brand website. Retailers and Brands have the flexibility to customize the Call To Action for the Mobile and Desktop audiences.
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Google Shopping Campaigns Score Conversions on Cyber Monday

Google Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads are designed to increase visibility for specific products linked to a shopping campaign or a season with a targeted demographic and flexibility of targeting on specific devices.

The seasonal trend is reflected in spikes in Search Advertising during the peak shopping days and the results of the campaign for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have yielded a higher conversion rate, according to a Kenshoo report, with conversions peaking at 6 % on Cyber Monday.PLA-Conversion-Rate
In sync with the trend for higher conversions the spending from business and brands has moved to days that are likely to show a seasonal spike and the budgets for the year moved from Cyber Monday to Black Friday.
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