Twenty Percent View Eighty Percent Of Smartphone Video


As per the Reach and Advertising impact study by Nielsen, the Top 20 percent of users consume 52 percent of media in terms of the time spent. Furthermore, the Top 20 percent of media users consume 83 percent of Smartphone Video and 87 percent of Stream on PC.



Reach based Targeting such as Radio and Television is less likely to reach the heaviest users. According to the report, “For AM/FM radio as well as live and time-shifted television (the top two platforms for monthly reach), the top group of users drive a much lower percentage of the total usage.”
Conversely targeting the audience based on Time Usage is likely to deliver impressions with the heaviest usage segment, reaching them multiple times, without bringing in the desired reach.

According to Nielsen’s “Total Audience Measurement” the media universe a myriad of choices for advertisers. Among newer media options, Social Media on Smartphones and Apps and Web targeting on Smartphones are possible reach building options.


At the same time, Branded Content has proven to be more effective than pre-roll advertising for Brand performance metrics by delivering results on Affinity, Purchase Intent and recommendation intent. Examples of Branded Content include online video series that educate viewers on a topic while featuring a brand to integrations within a TV show that include special story arcs to highlight specific products.

According to Harry Brisson, Director of Lab Research at Nielsen“While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to creating impactful branded content, we’ve identified some common themes in our research and content testing that can be used as best practices for making content resonate with audiences.”


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The five keys for successful Branded Content are Excellent Central Personality, Connection with the audience, Unique and original content, Alignment of Brand and content and Emotional Audience Engagement.

Branded Content has a positive impact on Brand performance. Engaging content, with higher intent to view future episodes has a positive impact on Brand favorability.

Partnering with Publishers brings better return for Brands publishing content as it provides context and publisher’s loyal audiences that Brands can target.

Key Insight For Marketers and Advertisers

Branded Content can increase the engagement rate with your Target Audience. However given the Pareto Principle for Smartphone video, Brands looking at building reach for their awareness campaign are less likely to target the heaviest users. The heaviest users may be your engaged audience however, replicating the profile of heaviest smartphone video users may limit the reach of your campaign. Targeting heavy users for your reach campaign may also prove to be very expensive. Thus it is important to look at building reach by targeting  users  beyond the existing heaviest users.


Bing Ads Key Insights For Holiday 2016


The US retail sales for Holiday Season 2016 are likely to hit USD 868 Billion with a surge in e-commerce volume, that accounts for nearly two-thirds of the season’s Year over Year growth. According to Bing Ads Insights Report, Search Engine Marketing and Organic searches account for more than 50 percent of all sales and acquisition. Online Search is also termed as the “Preferred Channel” for Gifts Inspiration. Nearly 50 percent of the  planned budgets were allocated for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization by Retailers in 2015.

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With the high search volume, during the holiday season advertisers need to be ready with their campaigns as early as the first week of October.

According to the Insights report, shoppers search categorically with terms like “handbags,” “dresses,” and “mens wrist watch”. Additionally, nearly half of the top searched keywords included gender keywords “mens” or “women.”

For Electronics and Electronic Gadgets, the top ten searched keywords, according to Bing’s Internal data for 2015, included: “TVs,” “TV,” “headphones,” “wireless headphones,” and “beats headphones.” Additionally, more than 80 percent of searches were non-branded, however 45 percent of clicks  are accountable to  branded keywords.

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The search volume for leading categories varies with Gift Cards and Clothing or Accessories  accounting for more than 50 percent of all queries for finding the right gift, according to NRF report.

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Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.45.11 pm

Black Friday Week saw click volume double on mobile, however the clicks declined by 21 percent in Cyber Monday Week. The Desktop/Tablet volume continued to increase by 42 and 8 percent for the two consecutive weeks. The CTR sees two distinct peaks. coinciding with online sales during the Black Friday Week and a in the preceding weeks accountable to the early sales announcement. The CPC on the other hand rises at a slower rate during the preceding weeks with a distinct peak during December, as per the Bing’s internal data for Toys Category.

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Holiday season shoppers plan their purchases early, making retailers plan for an extended Holiday Season Shopping.

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Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.50.45 pmScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.51.07 pm


According to Bing Ads Insights report, Shoppers are by and large Channel Agnostic. The choice of channel depends on value, convenience and reassurance. Shipping, Price-offs and ease of return with an assured quality are key considerations. Though consumers who search on Mobile and Online, anticipate spending 75 percent more while shopping, in-store.

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To optimize your campaign for the Omnichannel shopper, here are the key considerations.

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Ad Extensions in Search Ads are proven to bring forth results over and above Organic search.

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Checklist For Your Campaigns

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Key Insights For Increasing Subscription Box Sales


Subscription Box Service and Products are trending for social commerce with a  predictable profitability model on account of high retention rate and recurring revenue. According to a research study by Hitwise, earlier this year, as high as 53 percent subscribers are mobile first with Search and Social bringing in disproportionately higher traffic.

Search Campaigns Are Key For Product Discovery

Search Campaigns bring in the highest traffic for Subscription Box Products. Algorithm based discovery has increased visits to subscription box services. Identify the segments that you would like to target and go with the search phrases and terms that are most searched for by the segment.


As high as 34 percent of traffic for the US Subscription product sites came from Search Engines during Dec 2015. According to Hitwise,”search engines are still the most common referring source of traffic to today’s subscription box sites, though subscription sites rely less on search than other retailers. In the United States, 34 percent of referred traffic to subscription retail sites came from a search engine during the month of December 2015.”


Social Media Increases Clicks and Conversions

Social Media brings in the highest clicks and conversions.  In the United States, 13.5 percent of referred visits to subscription box sites in December 2015 came from a social media site, whereas the typical retail site received only 8.4 percent of traffic from social. The uptick in engagement and visits from Social Media and blogs is due to the ease of sharing and referring friends bringing in greater conversions.



Referral Marketing Key For Driving Sales Growth

According to Statista, as high as 53 percent Half Of Mobile Shoppers Check In Via Social Media. Refer-a-friend and referral marketing programs are a strong driver for Subscription category products. As high as 13.5 percent of referred visits to subscription box sites in December 2015 came from a social media site.


Occasion Linked Offers Increase Social Media Engagement

Designing your campaigns for Mobile first consumers with a seamless shopping experience increases the engagement. Optimizing search Campaigns and Social Media posts as well as Blog posts for key seasonal days increases the engagement and site visits from your campaigns. Design your posts to help audiences learn about your offers that are easy to navigate and avail.


Promote Your Subscription Box with a Contest

Promote your Subscription Box with a Gift card or a Giveaway contest. Target your audience by co-promoting the offers with a Contest on social media accounts that your target audience is most engaged on.




Also see search terms that work for different segments:



Mobile Advertising Growth Accelerates


mediatimeMobile Advertising is projected to increase by 66 percent as per the KPCB Internet Trends Report. eCommerce as a percentage of Total Retail sales continues to grow making for a 12 percent share of retail sales. Mobile advertising presents the greatest opportunity for advertisers.

Snapchat’s Daily Video Views are at 10 Billion per day, as per the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo Lens garnered over 224 Million views on Snapchat. Facebook tops the Digital Audience penetration with over 1000 Minutes per visitor in a month for the US market. Facebook owned properties including the messaging apps  lead in share of photos and make for 60 percent of visual sharing on social networks.



SCL snapchatphotos

Mobile continues to present the greatest advertising opportunity. Advertising expenditure on Internet continues to ramp up, projected to grow at 20 percent over the next year on account of Mobile advertising growth at 66 percent. The Voice Assistant usage continues to increase with 65 percent Smartphone owners using Digital Voice Assistants with as high as 32 percent quoting product discovery as the primary reason for using voice assistants. As high as 22 percent of search queries on Voice Assistants are with a local intent.


Voice Assistant Usage Increased by 9 Percent with 65 percent of Smartphone owners using Voice Assistants and location continues to be the  driving criteria for voice search queries.
searchqueryvoice VA


Internetrampup mediatime

Millennials and Gen Zers vary in their use of technology and overall approach where Gen Zers prefer to communicate with images. Targeting users with campaigns that use Digital Interaction and unique social network features can create the right audience engagement.

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