TrueView Shopping Ads On YouTube Offer Click-To-Buy Option

Google combining the TrueView Ad targeting and Google Merchant Center feed, has created a breakthrough in Audience Targeting with TrueView Shopping Ads that will allow retailers to link their product feed with the video campaign, allowing retailers to target products based on the users context and profile. The integration of Google Merchant center and YouTube will allow retailers to directly target audiences based on the contextual and audience profile data as the ads that are served in-stream will depend on the users’ profile based on the audience targeting options defined by the retailer.


TrueView for Shopping makes use of the YouTube cards introduced earlier, allowing brands to prominently display and showcase the product features and benefits, with a Click-To-Buy option available within the video ad that directs the users directly to the product details page or the brand website. Retailers and Brands have the flexibility to customize the Call To Action for the Mobile and Desktop audiences.
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With Periscope Brands Can Now Be Broadcasters

PeriscopeMobile First Strategy for Brands is more than a buzzword with brands seeing measurable results in the Brand Metrics. The Reach for Digital video on Mobile has been increasing with more than 164 Million Americans using an App/Web on Smartphones. Periscope with the positioning of “It’s worth it – We promise” has been termed as a Game-Changer, unleashing a trend where Brands and publishers are real-time promoting on Twitter the Live Streams to engage audiences with the new App.

Brands relying on Native Video Content will find Periscope inevitable for their Campaigns as it provides a unique way of connecting with the audiences live with Video Content. It has created a new “Engagement Paradigm” where Brands can now broadcast live events and create Digitally Branded Properties to connect with the audiences anytime and anywhere. This will be a step-up as Brands can now move from being publishers to being broadcasters!

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