Five Ways To Design Posts For Digital Buyer Journey


PathtopurchaseAchieving your campaign goals through the buyer journey, can prove to be a big winner, if your programs build in the right messaging at each stage of buyer journey.

For Digital campaigns where the advertising and social media engagement relies on Social Media posts, here are the five winning ways that you can draw on for creating spectacular social media posts, that can get your campaigns discovered.

As the digital buyer journey  focuses on use of mobile for store locations, product reviews and seeking product information with video being the preferred format, marketers targeting audiences on the go need to pay attention to interaction points for the Omni Channel buyer. Here are Five Ways you Can hone your Digital Marketing Strategy with Social Media posts.

Campaign Discovery 

Announce the launch with teasers and a countdown.  After a buzzed about launch for Quesalupa, Taco Bell posted on Facebook, a post that introduced Quesalupa, and an Instagram post featuring the product. Simple as it sounds, it is important to close the loop with what the product is all about. Highlight any key product features that you wish to highlight. As ads are viewed across devices and channel, Social Media posts prove an effective way for audiences to discover your products on the go.

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🌮 + 🧀 = 💥 #Quesalupa

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Product Imagery and Visual Content

Make your campaigns visually engaging with products that audiences are likely to prefer in a context. With consistent visual messaging, and products that make audiences connect with your brand, your Campaigns and Content are likely to be more preferred and be seen as a welcome intrusion.


Layer Your Content

As important as it is to know the stage of your buyer journey, it is equally important to layer your content for consumer engagement and discovery. Mrs. Field’s Facebook post with a simple Valentine’s messaging leads to the brand site where the users can browse through gifts that are available from the Gift Guide or explore the Valentine’s Day Online Catalog – that is bound to be a treat for any Gift Shopper.



Create Signature Posts

Nordstrom has shared Gift cards link on Facebook with a different brand treatment from the one on Instagram. Customize your style to the social media channel.

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Mwah! 💋 #happyvalentinesday #beauty #handbag

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Content For Different Segments

As engaging as it is to use different product features for product advertising to target audiences, campaigns that target different segments for ab occasion can get better response for your campaigns.

Ten Steps For Influencer Content Marketing Campaign


Priming your content for the Omnichannel customer requires marketers to map out all possible content marketing touch-points and points of Influence for your audience. Influencer Marketing as seen from data shared by Tomoson is seen as one of the most effective Content tacticfor online customer acquisition.



Your influencer marketing campaign requires a strategic view of programs and channels that work for you. According to eMarketer research has shown Influencer Marketing campaigns provide an average value of USD 6 across categories and for certain categories value can be as high as USD 14 for every dollar spent on Influencer marketing. The lead channels for Influencer marketing identified by Tomoson are Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.




Influencer Marketing is all about making Brand Content interesting for the user. The engagement of Influencer content is based on the interest of the user for the context that you are engaging the user with.


Ten Steps For Influencer Content marketing Campaign
Define your Influencer Content Marketing Campaign Goal

Some if the content marketing goals are in the Infographic below. The goals can vary from awareness, creating preference, increasing brand affinity, engagement or brand loyalty. The campaign goals can help you arrive at specific objectives such as reach, follower and fans growth, shares on social media, posts, conversions and referrals.


Identify the Context that Resonates With Your Audience

Influencer Content that is contextual is likely to resonate better. Influencers that are pertinent for the core brand value proposition can make your posts more engaging with a higher likelihood of being discovered. Start with identifying broad level interest groups such as Sports, Music, Automotive, Reading, Equestrian, Eating-out. To identify broad interest clusters, it is important to look at the customer journey and top mentioned keywords for your lookalike audiences on social networks and your existing customers.

Once the context and top interests are known you can go with possible influencers and their rankings for different channels.

Decide The Influencer Marketing Campaign Design

Zero in on the campaign design depending on your campaign goals. With the campaign goal that is built around acquisition and awareness, a campaign design that builds in offers featuring influencers is likely to work better. For campaigns that are targeting audiences with a campaign that build brand preference then a campaign design that uses influencers for endorsement with testimonials is likely to work better. Targeting audiences with broad -based campaign designs that do not require purchases a campaign featuring influencers that are relevant within the context can build awareness and increase participation as seen for McDonald’s and NFL GameTime Gold Sweepstakes.

Choose The Content marketing Channels

You may choose to go with more than one content channel i.e., you may use a blog or publisher network influencer program in cohesion with more than one social media channel i.e. Instagram or Facebook. While certain Influencer campaigns perform better on one channel for a category another set of Influencers on a different channel may work for another category. The channels and platforms that are likely to generate maximum trust and at the same time engage users better for your category are likely to get the best impact for your campaign.

Martha Stewart is an influencer for The Home Depot and features exclusive tips on all that is required to designing interiors and making your living spaces state-of-the-art with a link on Martha Stewart Living.


Another Influencer post on Instagram featuring products from Beauty care works with an assorted collection that lets users choose the right products from an assortment that is right for the season.

Influencer Content Marketing Tactics

Influencer Content Marketing Tactics require that the brand messaging and content marketing impact gets amplified. A social media post from an influencer that gets amplified across other networks is likely to create greater impact for your campaign. An Influencer campaign has a greater amplification campaign that is intrinsic to the Influencer equity. Choosing the right tactic requires Influencer campaign to leverage the equity associated with the Influencer by way of messaging and content. One of the tactics could be co-promotion as seen for Under Armour and HTC campaign for UA HealthBox.

Influencer Content Marketing Content Formats

Decide on the Content formats that are likely to work for your campaigns. You can choose from different formats such as long form posts, Video haul, product catalogs or Instagram posts that provide sneak previews or a featured digital property.

Decide on Campaign Discovery keywords

As Influencers build on the affinity for your brand, for your influencer campaign to be amplified, it is critical that you go with Keywords that will get your campaign discovered by target audiences. Content Amplification that takes place through post sharing is correlated with referral links according to a BuzzSumo study. For your influencer marketing content to be amplified, keywords for targeting should be matched to search queries for the target audience. Depending on the channel that you choose for your Influencer campaign and the design, you can build on campaign effectiveness by articulating the search keywords.

Advertise Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

It is important that you promote your Influencer Marketing campaign with Native Advertising formats so that your content appears seamlessly integrated with the users viewing experience. Publisher posts can help you achieve your reach goals for Influencer campaigns. Search Engine Marketing can be another way for your campaign to be discovered.

Promote The Influencer Marketing Campaign Outcomes

For an Influencer marketing campaign based on interactions, promote any outcomes for amplification such as winners of giveaways and contests.

Key Measurement Metrics

Develop a performance measurement metric grid that measures campaign performance for the different objectives.


Experience Gifting Trends This Holiday Season



According to the National Retail Federation’s final consumer holiday spending survey of the season, the average holiday shopper has completed 53.5 percent of shopping, similar to the 52.9 percent seen this time last year. Approximately 10 percent of holiday shoppers claim to have finished shopping – or 22.6 million people; that means 90 percent of holiday shoppers still have gifts, food, decor and/or other holiday items to buy.  The notable trends from the survey are the popularity of experience gifting, popularity of The Week After Christmas, Gift Cards Usage and the prevalence of Mobile devices for Holiday shopping.

Experience Gifting Trends With Millennials

National Retail Federation  asked holiday shoppers about their intentions to buy an experience Gift such as tickets to a sporting event, cheese of the month club or an adventure outing like whitewater rafting. The survey found that 22.2 percent are planning to give an experience-type gift and 36.5 percent would like to receive one. However, those numbers jump significantly for millennials. More than one-third of both 18-24, 36.1 percent and 25-34 year olds 35.4 percent are planning to give a gift of experience, and half say they’d like to receive one – 55 percent of 18-24, 49.6 percent of 25-34 year olds. Two in five at 43.4 percent 35-44 year olds would like to receive an experience gift.

And, while many will go the experience route, many stand by more traditional purchases. The survey found 50.8 percent said they have already bought clothing and accessories and 34.5 percent have already bought toys. Additionally, 33.5 percent have bought gift cards and 22.8 percent have bought electronic items.

“Giving the gift of experience is something anyone can enjoy and this holiday season, consumers don’t have to go far to find something perfect for the foodie, fashionista, thrill-seeker or sports enthusiast in their lives,” said Prosper’s Principal Analyst Pam Goodfellow. “With retailers quickly getting in on this trend by offering their customers ‘bundles’ for the perfect experience, it really is a win-win for consumers and retail companies this year to tout these unique gift ideas.”
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Macy’s Believe Campaign Weaves Magic With Digital



Macy’s Wish Writer pen, that makes wishes come true, brings Christmas magic early with the Believe campaign. The film features wishes coming true with different situations. The wishes granted weave the Christmas magic through the film.

“The star of the commercial is the magic pen, and we were trying to find another way to get engagement — this idea of gamification is the way to do it,” said Martine Reardon, CMO of Macy’s. “It’s our twist of bringing something traditional and nostalgic to the modern way the generations of today work, which is on mobile devices and through apps.”


MagicpenMacy’s digital engagement for the campaign with an online video and a digital experience that encourages audience to send the letters directly to North Pole or bring them to the stores addressed to North Pole, is timed to market with shoppers starting their Christmas season shopping early in October.

Macy’s content promoting the Believe campaign featured social media posts that invited users to write letter to Santa. The Twitter campaign engaged audiences throughout with Wishes that have been granted and engaging audiences with conversation surrounding the campaign with #MacysBelieve.


Macy’s Believe campaign targeted at engaging audiences emotionally was linked to one-of-a-kind Gift giving experience where audiences could choose an ideal gift for the person with the help of a Gift-Guide.


Nielsen expects the Holiday Season Shopping to be the same as 2014,with an expected increase of 2 percent in Dollar sales. Nearly 50 percent of audiences, started shopping by the last week of October. Online plays a prominent role in shopping with 75 percent of  consumers who are holiday shopping this year planned on shopping online, followed by brick and mortar mass merchandisers  at 74 percent and department stores at 72 percent.
Ageshopping According to Nielsen’s Holiday research, Households with the young kids tend to be the earliest shoppers and younger female audiences tend to be gift splurgers. The most advertised categories during the holiday season are Jewelry, Video games and Toys. Promoting Gift Cards targeted at shoppers with Gift cards for different categories and age groups can engage the holiday season shopper.