Key Insights For Mobile Commerce and Shoppers



Mobile has gained share as the primary device of research gaining over Desktop only research, with share of mobile research increased to 13 percent from 11 percent. For Mobile Buyers the share of research on Mobile only is as high as 52 percent, as shared by eMarketer.


According to the research study based on 1.7 billion transactions and USD 720 Billion in sales shared by Criteo, App buyers convert faster than the Mobile browser shoppers.


Location Based Targeting Key For Retail Campaign Success



With the rising influence of digital – online and mobile interaction on offline shopping behavior, retailers are looking at ways to increasingly weave the mobile shopper journey in the retail experiences they seek to provide and the rising influence of smartphones in consumer journey, retailers are looking at ways to engage consumers on mobile.

According to research, Reality in Retail, Mobile is the way to shop in-store with 75 percent of shoppers using their phones while shopping. The other highlights are :

  • 53 percent of shoppers prefer to research products in-store.
  • 56 percent of shoppers still think advertising is important to their purchase decision in-store.
  • Only 12 percent of shoppers feel the in-store sales associate is an important touch-point in a purchase decision.
  • Only 46 percent of shoppers who use loyalty programs consider the programs to be important in their decision to purchase.
  • 71 percent  of shoppers who use loyalty programs still use their mobile devices for price comparisons in-store.


The Walgreens App is used by an estimated 55 percent of consumers while roaming the drugstore chain’s aisles. In addition to supporting its 100 million-member Balance Rewards loyalty program, Walgreens is testing iBeacon technology at some of its New York stores, and found that those who are targeted by iBeacon are more than 16 times more likely to use its app in-stores, which in turn increases basket size.

walgreens3According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on retail apps represents 86 percent of time spent on the Mobile web.

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