Newer App Experiences For Consumer Engagement


SuappSUBWAY has introduced remote ordering in-App that has been updated with convenient payment features. The new features offer the added convenience of remote ordering and payment for customers in the U.S.

Realizing the importance of Mobile, leading restaurant chains have updated the mobile experience, making it  the focus for Omni-channel retail experience.


Pepsi has created an  experience with an app, “Pepsi Pass”, that makes hanging out with your friends even more rewarding—Pepsi Pass. It works with Facebook and automatically gives you points when you’re with friends who have the app, too. The App works on Reward Points where you Hang out with one Pepsi Pass friend and you’ll earn points. If the phones are switched on while hanging out pepsi1with a whole bunch, you and your friends all earn points. All without having to check-in at all. Introduced in June 2015, Pepsi Pass is ranked second on AppAnnie’s iOS charts after Starbucks, for the “Food & Drink” category.

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