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Five Ways To Optimize Campaigns For The Last-Minute Shopper


According to Cardlytics, the largest holiday shopping segment is the Last-Minute Shoppers, a group of consumers who make up 36 percent of total holiday shoppers and do their gift buying between December 11 and December 31. The Last-Minute shoppers spend more than their counterparts and visit stores more frequently, as the holiday deadline looms. Last-Minute Shoppers contribute to 34 percent of overall holiday spending, with an average transaction of USD 64.34.

Targeting Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

For Targeting Last-Minute shoppers Facebook has rolled out an anonymous target group that lets you advertise on Facebook and Instagram. According to Marketing Land, ” The social network is rolling out a new ad-targeting segment to enable brands to zero in on people who are highly engaged with content related to holiday shopping. The segment, which will run from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, can be used on any ad format on either network. Facebook will pull together the audience by sniffing out holiday-related keywords in posts that people publish and posts they like, comment on and share. Like all Facebook targeting, the audience is aggregated and anonymized.”  Use Social media posts to engage last-minute shoppers.

Search Advertising

Optimize your search campaigns for the last-minute shopper. Google has introduced the possibility of announcing business hours for last-minute shoppers. The Structured Snippet allows you to target users with an automated messaging that can be customized for different occasions.


Structured Snippets are different from Call-outs. Use Call-outs for highlighting special announcements such as free shipping or extended business hours, while structured snippets are used for what you have on offer. You can also look at adding business hours for days where the store traffic is likely to be higher.



True View Shopping Campaign and Video Content Optimization

As shared by Google Insights, 26 percent Gift Shoppers say online videos are their go-to source for gift ideas, and 32 percent of shoppers say they plan to use online video more this year for holiday purchases. Additionally, people in the U.S. are spending nearly twice as much time watching fashion and apparel shopping videos this year over last. TrueView for Shopping ads allow merchants to show Shopping ads for their own products in their own videos. Related products are shown dynamically, pulled from advertisers’ Google Merchant Center product feeds, and are now available for advertisers.


Unboxing videos have become a growing phenomenon, as people turn to YouTube to inform their purchase decisions. In 2015 alone, people in the U.S. have watched 60M hours of unboxing videos on YouTube, totalling 1.1B views.

Optimizing your Brand Campaign and Video content for discovery requires marketers to look at the factors that impact the discovery of video including Title, Description, Channel experience and Meta Tags.



Retarget audiences who have visited your site for offers and deals earlier in the holiday season. Google offers Search advertising with RLSA and Bing’s Remarketing campaigns.

Google has extended remarketing capabilities to both shopping ads (PLAs) and local inventory ads (LIAs) with shopping remarketing lists. Now you can optimize your shopping bids to re-engage high-value customers the next time they shop. For example, when those who’ve abandoned their carts on your sites or your loyal customers shop again on Google on desktop or mobile, you can use remarketing lists to tailor your shopping bids and reconnect with them at a more cost-efficient ROI.

App Store Optimization

Include Keywords in your app’s title, for discovery during the holidays. Revise your description to include relevant text, or any special holiday features and promotions your app may offer. It’s important to list these “above the fold” or just before Apple and Google cut off the description with a link to “Read More.” Change your App’s screenshots to include visuals that bring Holiday Offers and Gift Shopping up-front. For example, make your callout “Holiday Savings” or the seasonal keywords and phrases you targeted. Any core features and special offers can be highlighted visually in text and as a screen capture.

To know more about optimizing your app, click here.

Five Remarketing Campaign Ideas For Twitter TV Ad Targeted Audience


Twitter TV Ad Targeting and Twitter Amplify offer advertisers opportunity to reach audiences with the brand creative during the event with the help of Video. The Promoted video can showcase your brand in several ways either as a Pre-roll ad with the brand logo or with a mention of Twitter handle for your brand or with a hashtag of the brand campaigns or simply by way of the logo that appears during the video.


Based on your brand’s engagement strategy and your brand campaign, you can determine your remarketing strategy. The campaign that you run on Twitter and  promote the same with Twitter Amplify , often gives a set of audiences that have engaged with your brand during the event with your content or the Twitter Promoted Video. These engaged audiences can help identify target audience for your remarketing campaigns. Following up on Twitter Amplify engagement with a response driven campaign can help you promote your products with an offer that allows for a free giveaway or for product trials such as a free test drive or a discount offer. To understand the impact of your campaign with different segments you will need to look at post-engagement attribution on Twitter that lets you understand the conversion lift from your Promoted Tweet Campaign.


Five Ideas For Remarketing To Twitter TV Targeted Audience

To plan your remarketing campaign, advertisers can create a Brand contest that requires audience to respond on social media or link to the site with a promotion offering a special price-off or discount to the users.


Create Product advertising highlighting features of your product that create a recall for your Twitter TV activity.


Play with newer formats and Visual treatments for better engagement.

Create a contest for Audiences to interact with your brand by encouraging them to participate with a format that they find most engaging. You can also Create a themed video for your audience with clippings from their moments associated with the  event or the show that you used Twitter TV targeting for.

Promote your App with Mobile App Promotion for audiences who engage with your brand . With Twitter you can see the audiences who engaged with your brand on Twitter with the amplify program and purchase behavior with partner audiences. This helps you segment your audience based on the customer journey to know the stage that your targeted audience is at. Once you arrive at the right segmentation for your campaigns you can define the communication objective and zero-in on the creative.


Best Practices For YouTube Live Events


postytlYouTube Live Events are a good way to promote your channel on YouTube and engage with your viewers. A Live Event Can help you personalize and humanize the brand. If you are creating news around new launch or looking at an engaging audiences with your existing programs, YouTube can help you in showcasing live events and connecting with audiences worldwide.

A similar Live Streaming feature is available on Snapchat where users can add and contribute to one collective narrative known as ‘Our Story’ by uploading unique pictures and videos. Anyone with the Snapchat app is able to download and watch a live stream of the event.

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