Ten Ways To Prime Your Content Post Gifting Season

Engaging Audiences Post Gifting season with your brand campaigns can help build awareness for your existing programs and at the same time increase sign ups for your Loyalty Programs or increase your App downloads. This is also the time to manage any remorse or customer service issues that may arise during the Holiday season.

Introduce A Referral program

Engaging audiences with a Personalized referral program can help you build your subscriber lists. Post holiday Season referral programs can encourage sign-ups with customers as this is the time the awareness for brand’s offers and products is the highest.

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Programmatic Creative And Five Steps For Personalized Mobile Advertising Campaign

programmaticcreativeAccording to Celtra, an Ad Tech firm, that has added Programmatic Creative to the ad creator platform, “Programmatic Creative aims to bridge the gap between cookieless mobile environments and the desktop, and to enable advertisers to run dynamically customized audience-specific creatives and match them with targeted audiences”. With programmatic creative brands can optimize the creative to target audiences better with a set of creatives depending on the rules defined by the advertiser.

Programmatic Creative and Dynamic Campaign optimization can help you deliver personalization at scale by mapping the user data to a specific creative or message based on the user profile.

Facebook and LiveRail  have earlier announced a partnership to serve ads in a native format that uses the InApp inventory available through Live Rail from a host of Publishers, combined with Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

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Seven Ways To Personalize Mobile Advertising Campaign

Personalizing your Mobile Advertising Campaign on Apps could up the Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent for your brand. Research from IPG Media Lab, indicates targeting Audiences with Personalized Ads based on Location, Search Terms, Past Purchase  and Social Media Sites used could increase Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent.

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