Millennial Marketing Insights

According to Flurry Analytics, Phablets such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note, led the mobile  usage growth, with 148 percent usage growth in terms of number of sessions.  The overall industry has increased by 78 percent for mobile and app usage for the same statistic- the number of sessions.

Sports, and News & Magazines, were the categories that grew the fastest on phablets, followed by Music, Media and Entertainment  with a steep increase in content use in comparison with other device types. Sports grew 427 percent more on phablets followed by Music, Media and Entertainment at 255 percent when compared to any other device type.

The device ownership for Smartphones is as high as 85 percent with the Millennials.

Smartphone wirepost Chart 1
Content that works with the age group is primarily entertainment linked and Video is the most popular content format.


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