Flexibility In Loyalty Programs Most Appealing

According to a Global Survey, 72 percent respondents, stated that Loyalty Programs are the key determinant for their shopping decision. According to the report “In fact, almost two-thirds (72%) of global respondents agree that, all other factors equal, they’ll buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without.” All Loyalty Programs are not […]

Key Insights From Holiday Shopping Research

Based on research among tens of thousands of shoppers, carried out in December 2015, here are the key insights for marketers and advertisers for Holiday season 2016. Promotions play a role in influencing purchases – As high as 38 percent consumers sign up for retailer’s newsletters and as high as 35 percent search on the […]

The State Of Branded Content

According to a quantitative study by IPG Lab and Forbes in collaboration with Syracuse University, “Storytelling : The Current State of Branded Content”,Branded content is proven to perform for memorability, brand perception and purchase intent/ consideration. With over 40 different test conditions, for different verticals and different types of content as well as Level of […]

Twenty Percent View Eighty Percent Of Smartphone Video

As per the Reach and Advertising impact study by Nielsen, the Top 20 percent of users consume 52 percent of media in terms of the time spent. Furthermore, the Top 20 percent of media users consume 83 percent of Smartphone Video and 87 percent of Stream on PC. Takeaway Reach based Targeting such as Radio […]