Facebook Introduces Product Ads

ProductadFacebook introduces Product Ads that let advertisers promote products with Dynamic Product ads, multi-product ads or promote the entire Product catalog with a call to action in the advertisement.

The dynamic product ads and multiple product ads help retailers showcase products with a positioning that is unique for each product. The advantage of product ads is that it links directly to your Product URL leading to greater conversion lift. It is like response driven advertising or direct mail that helps you target the set of audience that you want to reach for increasing online sales or conversions for your products. While offer based advertising and other brand advertisements maybe good for creating awareness for your brands, product ads offer a unique opportunity to create a showcase for your Products with targeting options based on interest, behaviors or with custom audiences targeting your website visitors.

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Google Shopping Campaigns Score Conversions on Cyber Monday

Google Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads are designed to increase visibility for specific products linked to a shopping campaign or a season with a targeted demographic and flexibility of targeting on specific devices.

The seasonal trend is reflected in spikes in Search Advertising during the peak shopping days and the results of the campaign for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have yielded a higher conversion rate, according to a Kenshoo report, with conversions peaking at 6 % on Cyber Monday.PLA-Conversion-Rate
In sync with the trend for higher conversions the spending from business and brands has moved to days that are likely to show a seasonal spike and the budgets for the year moved from Cyber Monday to Black Friday.
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