Key Insights For Online Video Strategy

According to Tubular Labs, 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in the last 365 days to more than 30 video platforms. And these videos have 2.8 Trillion  views, or an average of 4,390 views per video. According to an AOL State of the Video Industry report, desktop video spend grew from USD […]

Key Findings For Optimizing Ads From Digital Video Study

An AdReaction Study from Millward Brown found that Mobile App Rewards Ads  are most liked by the audiences. Skippable mobile pre-rolls  at 31 percent are viewed much more favorably than mobile app pop-ups at 14 percent and non-skippable pre-rolls at 15 percent. Millward Brown’s study on multiscreen use and behavior was carried out among more than 13,500 […]

Key Insights For Successful Video Strategy

Nike’s #GetOutHere campaign is planned to capture the winter sentiment with 21 athletes making an appearance reliving their favorite snow-day memory, and recalling who they would love to hit with a snowball. According to The Bleacher Report, From New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to United […]

YouTube Launches 360-Degree TrueView Ad Format

Brands can now leverage the 360-Degree view technology introduced by YouTube with In-Stream TrueView ads that can be viewed in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS. With the icon placed within the video the viewers can now enjoy viewing the video from the angle that pleases them, or on Smartphones by moving a phone around, up and down, left and right,. TrueView 360-degree ads are seen as more engaging and viewers are likely to see the ads rather than skip through the ads as 360-degree format is more interactive.

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