Yelp For Biz Owners – New App From Yelp

Yelp introduces a new app for  business owners to manage their businesses on the go. The key changes to the App enable business owners to receive real-time notifications of business reviews and comments from the customers. Receive convenient, real-time push notifications of reviews and messages on Yelp View Yelp Business Page activity including the number of user views and customer leads they […]

Yelp Trends To Stay Tuned To The Local Buzz


“Hair extensions peaked with Londoners in 2008, bobs were hottest in late 2009, and fringe saw a spike at the beginning of 2014”
Local businesses can now keep up with local trends with Yelp Trends.

Yelp Trends can help you target customers by gaining insights with Yelp trends in business across 98 cities in 20 countries.

What’s unique about Yelp trends is that the trends are based on reviews provided by customers. This is a rich information source as there are over 57 Million reviews on Yelp.
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Local Business Review on Yelp Influences Purchase Decision

The Boston Consulting Group, a leading advisor on business strategy, surveyed 4,800 business owners to ascertain revenue impact Yelp has on small businesses. Business owners with a free Business Account reported USD 8,000 in annual revenue from Yelp customers. More important than this is the fact that the business’ who advertised online increased revenues at an average of USD 23000.
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