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Key Insights For Content Moments


According to AOL Advertising research for over 55,000 social interactions, there are eight different moments that define the content experience. Comprised of four different elements-Motivation, Emotion, Outcome and Topic, the eight different moments are the one that:

Inspire – Looking for fresh ideas, Impart Knowledge – Staying Updated, Lead To Discovery – Seeking answers or advice, Provide Comfort – Seeking assurance or Insight, Feel GoodFeeling relaxed, Entertain and Social Sharing.


Using these different moments  content experience offered by Brands can engage audiences through the buyer journey. For a meaningful content experience, Brands can create buzz for their products by linking it to an event and generating engagement with their presence at the event. Going a step further, Brands can create the content path for their consumers that can have an impact on brand performance throughout the funnel. Alexander Wang has gone a step further in the content journey rolling out different brand activation strategy for brands with a Pop-Up Truck for Adidas Originals and a Pop-In Online activation for Nordstrom.

Raising Awareness

Social Media Posts and Video on YouTube can raise awareness for new products that are linked to an event. Though the direct audience for an event may be limited in reach,   brands at an event can reach audiences that engage or follow the event conversation.


In a recent partnership of Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang announced a new look designed to make designer sportswear. Taking the look to a new level, Alexander Wang’s stark line up imbibes the fashion forward feel to Adidas’ sporting gear line-up. The activation is a Pop Up Truck where the users can follow the story on Snapchat and call to find out the next stop for the truck.

Connecting with the generation, Adidas Originals has curated the collection on Instagram and the blog on  Tumblr, with posts that showcase the look in visual posts.


Alexander Wang’s Twitter account posts further build on the look, with a Lookbook that captures the trends that are available in stores. Cross-promoting the event and launch of the new collection with Alexander Wang’s social media account, Adidas Originals has reached the social media followers of the designer.



Increasing Engagement

Nordstrom has showcased the work of Alexander Wang, with a Pop-In shop on Nordstrom, with posts on Instagram account that promotes the runway look for NYFW. The Pop-In Shop is a month-long fare that is curated by Olivia Kim, VP of Creative Projects for Nordstrom.


According to Yahoo News, “The collaboration will launch in nine stores as well as on nordstrom.com/pop, bringing items from the designer’s various product categories together for a more global look at his work. The store already carries Wang’s women’s wear, shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Among the items, Wang designed specifically for Pop-In@Nordstrom are sets of shot glasses, gold-plated dice, playing cards, an inflatable unicorn pool toy, a domino set and more.” Asides from creating the partnership that is likely to engage Nordstrom fans, the products are best likely to enhance the style statement with unusual products such as the gold-plated dice. Furthermore, there is an exclusive Pop-In Bag from Alexander Wang on the purchase.


Takeaways For Brands and Advertisers

By defining moments that are most likely to inspire and help audiences stay updated, Brands can identify the right partnerships for an event that the audiences are likely to follow.

Creative that gets audiences to react serves as a motivation for audiences to engage and interact with the brand with an emotion. This leads to greater social sharing and amplification of the brand’s message.

Using a Topic that is popular with the target audiences can give brands and audiences the required connect to share their reactions on social media.

Brand Activations that are Online and Offline, increase the chance of interaction, creating moments of Feel Good, reassurance and seeking comfort. Giving an incentive with a CTA is likely to increase campaign efficacy.


Defining moments for the content journey with a popular topic  can generate required interactions and engagement while raising awareness, for Brands prior to a campaign launch, over and above Content goals such as Referral links, CTR, Impressions and Social Media Shares. The required engagement can further Brand Performance for the defined metrics such as Purchase Intent and Recommendation Intent




Brands And The Rio Rush



Google Launches Doodle Fruit Themed App For The Rio 2016

For the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games at Rio, Google Doodle is customized with Fruit animation and athletic events, and to add to the opening ceremony, Google has unveiled an all new Fruit Themed Mobile app. The Mobile Gaming app has an all new take with updates available for Android and iOS . Calling it the Doodle Fruit Games, the post on Google doodles page posts “Today marks the season opener of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games! For the next couple of weeks, we’ll journey to an otherwise unassuming fruit stand in Rio, where produce from all over the market competes for the title of freshest fruit. To play along, get the latest Google app on Android or iOS, and tap the Doodle. Learn more at g.co/fruit and let the games begin!”


Cool doodle

Brands Conversation Surrounding the Olympics

The 12 official sponsors for the Olympic games are  going with a video focused strategy making fan engagement a priority with brand messaging that build on team spirit and enthusiasm for the sport.


As the conversation for brands spirals on social media channels, here are some of the videos that are making news on social media channels. The Top viewed brand videos are  Samsung Mobile at 54 Million, Visa at 44.6 Million, Nissan 27.5 Million and Gillette 27.4 Million.


Apple Debuts Human Family Themed Commercial

Apple in line with Shot on iPhone series debuted the Human Family commercial a day before the start of the games celebrating connections and friends prior to the start of the games.

Brands that are creating the highest number of social media mentions have leverage the theme of finding something special in yourself that inspires greatness.

Nike’s Unlimited campaign with a series of testimonials from athletes based on an insight that success is often achieved by challenging ones own limits.


Hershey’s post with a #HellofromHome inspires soul-searching for the athletes at #Rio2016.

For Brand Marketers here’s an Infographic that can help you identify audience segments.


Answered: Your Burning Questions About Five Ways To Score At Olympics


Mobile devices make for 65 percent of all viewers for the Olympic games content, and YouTube viewers watched over 23,000 years of content in the last one year for the four most popular sports, athletics, gymnastics, diving and swimming and volley ball. For mobile NBC has a pop-up Snapchat Discover channel, planned during  the Rio Olympics. YouTube plans to  live stream video with 15 creators, signed up exclusively for the games.

Social Media sites are the popular go-to source for all conversations surrounding Key Sports highlights as seen for other major sporting events. The brand conversation surrounding Olympics, as tracked by Origami Logic has brought in 7.75 Million social media actions across the four major social networks. The initial tracking reports indicate that the top five brands leading in engagement are  Nike with 3 million likes, shares and other interactions. Under Amour followed at No. 2 with 2 million; Adidas with 2 million; Dick’s Sporting Goods with 164,000; and Ralph Lauren with 157,000.

Brand Olympics

Among the advertising campaigns the top scorers are  Always #LikeAGirl—Keep Playing, from the creative agency Leo Burnett, Minute Maid #doingood I See What U.S. Olympian Missy Franklin Has To Say from the creative Agency Doner and P&G Thank You, Mom from the creative agency Wieden+Kennedy.  Samsung Official TVC created by Leo Burnett and Visa, The Carpool to Rio from BBDO  make it to the ads leaderboard for Olympics, from April- June 2016.

Five Ways For Brands To Score At Olympics
Celebrate Friendship Through Sports

Conversation on Social Networks for Sporting events are for sharing or viewing moments of thrill, excitement and connecting with other sports enthusiasts. Use of characters and brand menmonics  such as Vinicus, the official mascot for Rio Olympics 2016, who is known to combine the agility of cats, the sway of monkeys and the grace of birds, can help audiences connect emotionally. Characterizing your brand campaign for sports lend another dimension to a popular sports theme. Brand identity that leverages the affinity for a sport with characterization brings in increased engagement among sports enthusiasts.




Brands can extend product features with the help of influencers and famous athletes to make the campaign memorable leveraging the influence and fandom of famous athletes.


CojjTk7VMAA2ncG Twitterpost FBRio2016TemporaryProfilePictureFrame

Visual Engagement Freebies


Visual posts are the lead engagement tactic on Social Media and creating freebies such as the stickers pack and freebies with a sports theme are a hit with users. Google’s research points out that 90 percent of the users are using Emojis to express their feelings. Users turn to social media for moments of celebrations for leading sports events providing brands an opportunity to engage fans with visuals for moments of victory on social networks.












Search Advertising

Live Video highlights for the Rio Olympics will appear in the search results and YouTube WatchCards, with Google’s exclusive tie-up with broadcast companies including America Movil, BBC and Japan’s NHK in more than 60 countries. Using Search keywords that are likely to make your campaign discovered with the newer features from Google, that are exclusive to the Olympics, according to the Official Google blog:

Discover the event schedule, medal counts, and athlete information in Search
Get results and view TV schedules in 30+ countries
Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in 60+ countries
Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps
Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world


Live Video 

Live Video Highlights offer Brands opportunities to showcase winning moments that bring out the campaign message or brand attributes that foster the bond with your audiences. Visa’s campaign for Olympics “The Carpool to Rio”,  features Athletes as they strike, jump, cycle and swim their way to Olympics. Facebook’s Live Video is key to Visa’s marketing by enlivening the athletes’  stories to bring forth the similarities with the  brand attributes. The campaign’s video posts are used for brand activation with featured partners.





Brand Messaging and Brand Contests

Brands can associate with the games as non-sponsors with inspirational video and messaging. The brand conversation surrounding the message can be integrated with your existing campaign to engage viewers with your Olympics marketing efforts.

Hershey’s contest on Twitter invites users to share the message for Team USA with a Hashtag #HelloFromHome that could be your voice at the Rio Olympics.