Now That’s Rewarding

  Bill Craigle of Mechanicsville, New York and 50 of his family and friends got an all-expenses paid trip to watch the big game in a luxury suite at Levi’s Stadium. The team that won an all expenses paid trip for Super Bowl 50 and earned a reward of a liftetime with Marriott rewards was […]

Domino’s Launches Piece of The Pie Rewards

Domino’s has launched a Rewards Program that allows consumers to accumulate points for online orders, toward a Free Pizza. For every order more than USD 10, consumers can get Rewards Points that can be accumulated for a free Medium Topping Pizza. The TV Commercial for rewards program highlights the ease of earning a free pizza. […]

Starbucks Launches Ubiquitous Refer-A-Friend Program

Starbucks launch of Pumpkin Spice Latte has roped in a number of followers with an all new “Orange Sleeve Society”. The Orange Sleeve Society invites users to get an invite and send one to a friend.
The invitation requires “Send a friend an invitation to get a TEAM PSL cup cozy, then get one for yourself!”
Member kits include an orange knit coffee cozy with the words “Team PSL” on it. People receive an invitation to the Orange Sleeve club when they invite someone else to join it online.
The program requires users to refer a customer and get an orange sleeve for themselves. Referrals on Social Media are seen to generate traffic and are often referred customers are more loyal users of the brand. The Orange Sleeve membership pack includes an Official member card and a cup sleeve.
Referral Marketing is seen as one of the top tactics for acquiring and retaining customers. What makes the Starbucks Orange Sleeve refer-a-friend program unique the fact that the program is ubiquitous, where the referral program is integrated with the way the customer experiences  the brand. The Refer-a-friend program, allows consumers to share the experience of a Starbucks PSL with a friend, and as high as 50 percent of consumers surveyed  say referrals are a way for their existing customers to share rewards with their friends.

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Five Success Factors For Brand Campaigns

Achieving campaign metrics that may vary from  impressions to CPA, CPE or video views, can prove to be a challenge for advertisers and brand marketers. Here are five success factors that can help you promote your brand with a better campaign performance, while achieving your brand performance goals. Promotional Brand Loyalty can help you engage newer audiences and target new segments.

Brand Resonance 

For an awareness, engagement or preference building campaign, it is essential that your campaigns resonate with your core target audience. You may choose a creative theme that is satirical, funny, awe-inspiring, action oriented or dramatic, however it is important that your messaging strikes an emotional chord with your target audience beyond relevance and performance, for them to become your brand advocates.

McDonald’s launch of New Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, on Facebook has featured videos of consumers feedback on the launch. The videos capture images and reaction of consumers with the product and an announcement of a free drink promotion.

Further to creating awareness about the launch, McDonald’s has built on Brand Resonance with the audience to create a bond with the target audience reminding them about the new unique taste. The emotions of consumers who have tried the new product act as an endorsement, with creative that is most likely to reverberate with the core target audience.

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