Four Ways to Boost Content Reach On Facebook

Facebook reaches 210 Million Visitors, according to a comScore report, placing it after Google sites for reach among all Digital Media for the US Online Audience. According to Nielsen Total Audience Report, TV and Radio continue to reach the highest number of US adults with Mobile  being the largest reach device among new technologies.   […]

Five Ways To Reimagine Content For The Mobile Shopper

Creating Content for engaging and retargeting the audience, can make all the difference to your campaign performance, from generating awareness to increasing conversions. As you have a large set of audience that may have visited your brand’s site, you may choose to select a sub-segment for retargeting depending on your campaign objective. To know more […]

Key Insights For Online Video Strategy

According to Tubular Labs, 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in the last 365 days to more than 30 video platforms. And these videos have 2.8 Trillion  views, or an average of 4,390 views per video. According to an AOL State of the Video Industry report, desktop video spend grew from USD […]

Brands Make A Difference With Gratitude Messaging


OreoccThanksgiving a popular holiday in the US, which is largely associated with expressing Gratitude is also a shopping boom time with seasonal shoppers looking for deals. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are above a Billion Dollar in Online and Offline sales. According to Nielsen, more than 50 percent of the shoppers have started their shopping as of Nov 23.

Mondelez International brands have a complete content layout to make difference to their customers Thanksgiving. Oreo has a seasonal pack that can be customized and ordered, and Ritz Crackers, a Nabisco brand has party planning tips making Thanksgiving a simple affair.




Mondelez International site allows users to place an order directly from the site, with an option to sign in with Facebook. The seasonal pack aims at making Holidays fun where users can choose from  seasonal images and icons, such as  snowmen, partridges and  penguins .

“Our fans have been interacting and getting creative with OREO cookies for more than 100 years so bringing this behavior to our pack was a natural next step,” said Janda Lukin, Senior Director OREO at Mondelez International. “OREO Colorfilled is an open invitation to our fans to bring their imagination to our Wonderfilled world. We can’t wait to see all the unique Colorfilled packs of OREO cookies created by fans this holiday season.”

“The new OREO Colorfilled packs digital store is the first step in a larger e-commerce and customization strategy for Mondelez Internationalas we work towards our vision of growing our e-commerce revenue to $1 billion by 2020,” said Cindy Chen, Global Head of E-Commerce, atMondelez International. “We are experimenting with how to best offer customized products to our consumers and we are thrilled about this unique offering for the holiday season.”


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