Creative Crowdsourcing Pays Off For Brands


For the Millennial segment, Creative Crowdsourcing seems to have worked well. The popular fast food chain launched its limited-time offer Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger on Facebook with a quirky campaign, effectively capturing the attention and appetite of its strategic target—millennials—reaching 85 million of them in the U.S. According to Nielsen Top 2014 Advertising, Wendy’s has scored the highest on brand recall among millennials.

Nielsen Top Ads Among Millennials 2014


Not only can these viewers can flip through 180+ channels during commercial breaks, they can multi-task on multiple screens and live Tweet their reactions and opinions real-time.

Brands have managed to connect with Millennial audiences with creative strategy that overcomes the fickleness of the Target Audience by using approaches that get the attention of the target group.

Discounted items and a fun approach to creative seems to have worked for the demographic as ,  as seen in the case for  Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger ads and highlighted discount offerings, like Subway’s $3 Italian sub spot.

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Five Ways to Humanize your Brand


Social Media has given an all new way for brands to bond with the audiences, which requires your brand design to evolve and create messaging options that are seen as the “voice of the brand”.

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Brand Building in the Digital Age


BrandingAdvertising and Messaging in the Digital Age is focused around getting the Return on Attention as opposed to Return on Investment. Businesses are looking at making news with their campaigns either by way of product design or innovating the way consumers can express themselves about the brands such as crowd-sourcing idea contests.

Brands are seeking to connect where the consumers are present with Customer Centric Brand Value Proposition.
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