Key Insights For Increasing Subscription Box Sales


Subscription Box Service and Products are trending for social commerce with a  predictable profitability model on account of high retention rate and recurring revenue. According to a research study by Hitwise, earlier this year, as high as 53 percent subscribers are mobile first with Search and Social bringing in disproportionately higher traffic.

Search Campaigns Are Key For Product Discovery

Search Campaigns bring in the highest traffic for Subscription Box Products. Algorithm based discovery has increased visits to subscription box services. Identify the segments that you would like to target and go with the search phrases and terms that are most searched for by the segment.


As high as 34 percent of traffic for the US Subscription product sites came from Search Engines during Dec 2015. According to Hitwise,”search engines are still the most common referring source of traffic to today’s subscription box sites, though subscription sites rely less on search than other retailers. In the United States, 34 percent of referred traffic to subscription retail sites came from a search engine during the month of December 2015.”


Social Media Increases Clicks and Conversions

Social Media brings in the highest clicks and conversions.  In the United States, 13.5 percent of referred visits to subscription box sites in December 2015 came from a social media site, whereas the typical retail site received only 8.4 percent of traffic from social. The uptick in engagement and visits from Social Media and blogs is due to the ease of sharing and referring friends bringing in greater conversions.



Referral Marketing Key For Driving Sales Growth

According to Statista, as high as 53 percent Half Of Mobile Shoppers Check In Via Social Media. Refer-a-friend and referral marketing programs are a strong driver for Subscription category products. As high as 13.5 percent of referred visits to subscription box sites in December 2015 came from a social media site.


Occasion Linked Offers Increase Social Media Engagement

Designing your campaigns for Mobile first consumers with a seamless shopping experience increases the engagement. Optimizing search Campaigns and Social Media posts as well as Blog posts for key seasonal days increases the engagement and site visits from your campaigns. Design your posts to help audiences learn about your offers that are easy to navigate and avail.


Promote Your Subscription Box with a Contest

Promote your Subscription Box with a Gift card or a Giveaway contest. Target your audience by co-promoting the offers with a Contest on social media accounts that your target audience is most engaged on.




Also see search terms that work for different segments:



Content Marketing Ideas For Easter


According to, Total spending for Easter, which includes purchases of apparel, decorations, gifts, candy, food, flowers and more, reached USD 16.4 billion in 2015. Easter is also one of the most important seasonal occasion for Candy sales.


Begin Your ‘Easter’ Campaign  With All Things Eggscellent

Audiences look forward to Easter celebrations and creating an exclusive sign-up for Easter activities update can help you grow your email subscribers. According to Adobe Digital Index, Email was the fastest growing source of traffic that accounted for 15 percent of referral traffic during the holiday season 2015, with search and referral accounting for the largest share of traffic.


Create a Content Marketing schedule with ideas and posts that your consumers are most likely to relate to your brand with. A DIY video that features your product is a way to create resonance with your customers. Reese’s Giant Peanut Buttercup from My Cupcake Addiction, is an example of DIY video that will engage audiences to connect with the brand, using a similar DIY video with the seasonal theme that can be shared with subscribers is likely to engage influencers and consumers.
Reese’s Easter Egg Cookies that set the festive mood for Easter are easy to do and are perfect for any Easter celebration.

Reese’s Video “Egg Hunt” is an infomercial that reminds audiences about the reason they look forward to Easter and how Reese’s is the right candy for a Perfect Easter.

Tag your Easter campaign with hashtags for content discovery.


Customize Your Gift cards

For the holiday season Gift cards work for last-minute shoppers and customers looking for offers from their favorite retail brands, customizing your gift cards for Easter can engage audiences with their favorite spots for Easter with campaigns that resonate within a context. Olive Garden has set a Facebook tab that allows users to gift directly from their Facebook profile. Integrating your Gift cards strategy within Social Media can help brands  target audiences for keywords within a context they are most likely to be searching for and with content amplification that is achieved with posts on users timelene, with an offer and formats that are likely to bring in greater clicks for your campaign.


DIY Content For Amplification

Besides being a useful traffic source, an affiliate network can help your get content amplified and increase reach and audience engagement leading to a higher purchase intent. Here are some interesting examples of DIY content that can help publisher and brand content discovered.

Some of the interesting examples are Hop-To-It contest that inspires audiences to Make tea towels and other inspiring ideas are Jell-O Easter eggs  and Cheesecake Easter Eggs. Here is an interesting collection of DIY ideas such as decorating Easter Eggs and Bunny craft.






Promote Easter Exclusive Gifts  On Social Networks

Creating exclusive Easter Gift hampers and baskets and promoting them with a price point as can be seen from Purdy’s post, is likely to generate a greater interest when audiences are considering their purchases for an occasion. Knowing what works the best with your customers can help you design your Gift hampers as well as Giveaways.


 Partner with Influencers

Create buzz for your products by aligning your marketing efforts with influencers. See’s candies is offering a USD 15 Gift card for on a blog with ideas on creating Easter baskets.

Publish an Entertaining Guide

Publish an Entertaining guide to give details of all things that your audiences are searching for. Kraft has created an entertaining guide to share recipe ideas for Easter celebrations right from brunch ideas, to dessert and decorating Easter Cupcakes.



 Easter greetings post and Email

Create Easter greetings post to help customers feel special and appreciated. You might even consider placing a special Easter gift or discount in your post or email to reward your customers with a Coupon code on Easter.

Customize your Landing Page

Let your customers jump with joy with an all new Easter Landing page experience. Create a sitewide offer that you can announce on the landing page. Visuals that your audiences are most likely to respond to can help you get sign-ups for your referral programs. If you are looking forward to introduce a new member reward, tying it up with an occasion can help increase response rates.


Promote Easter Special Offers On Social Networks

See’s candies has rolled out an Easter special offering free shipping on all orders above USD 60 and a flat rate of USD 5 on all other shipping orders. offering a special shipping deal on occasions is likely to make your customers more loyal to your brand, making them look forward to the next offer. If you are planning to offer free gift wrapping consider promoting the same in time on social networks.

Create a banner that can be hosted on your brand site with a landing page banner.


Introduce a price point that your audiences are likely to respond to.

Easter Egg stickers

Downloadable Easter Egg Stickers can work well emotionally engaging your target audience in the same manner as DIY content. Creating downloadable Easter Eggs and promoting the same on social networks can get your Easter campaign discovered.


Easter Contest

Design an Easter Contest that engages audiences for your app or a new experience that you would like to encourage sign-ups for.

Tesco’s Egg hunt with an app helped unlock a selfie filter that required finding and scanning six eggs that were hidden in-store.

Cadbury World’s contest allows contest winner to get a Chocolate egg for free while supporting a charity cause “Help For Heroes”.

Easter Basket Bundles and Brunch ideas

As important as it is to introduce new ways to get audiences engaged with any new Easter contests, packaging your existing products for Easter can make it useful for your customers looking for gifts within a context.

Think outside the box combining your products with a relevant context.

easterpc Bunny pack

An interesting way to engage grown-ups with perfect Easter Brunch ideas. Food and Wine has set up an assortment of recipes that can help you decide on the perfect way to celebrate. If you are a brand that publishes food content on a regular basis this is a perfect time to post content your audiences are looking forward to make the Easter celebrations memorable.

Donation Cards 

Add donation cards to your Easter Video reminding audiences it is the time to do good by donating for their favorite charity. A donation card can be added on YouTube with an edit to any existing video content.


Publish Online Video For Easter

You may already have an exciting range of products that can be showcased especially for Easter with the references to all things symbolic of Easter such as Easter Eggs and Bunnies. The Australian-owned Moose Toys is the company behind the Shopkins craze and in the video below they have introduced 60 bunnies that can be placed in the Toy showcase to get audiences engaged. Using the reference of bunnies Shopkins can introduce other DIY content and fun ideas to make Easter celebrations more rewarding.

Google Dynamic Search Ads are the definitive choice for Search marketers looking at promoting select merchandise for Easter, with the existing product feed or select product pages. Google AdWords DSA’s also allow remarketing campaigns targeting your site visitors to optimize your campaign for any of the marketing objectives, such as building awareness, increasing clicks, purchases or content engagement.

Credits: Design and Print



Now That’s Rewarding



Marriott50Bill Craigle of Mechanicsville, New York and 50 of his family and friends got an all-expenses paid trip to watch the big game in a luxury suite at Levi’s Stadium. The team that won an all expenses paid trip for Super Bowl 50 and earned a reward of a liftetime with Marriott rewards was made possible with Marriott Rewards #50To50 campaign.


On September 7, 2015, Marriott Rewards launched the #50to50 Sweepstakes in partnership with the NFL, giving one lucky member the experience of a lifetime — to attend Super Bowl 50 with 50 friends. On December 15, 2015, Bill Craigle was selected as the winner. The campaign that was launched online was promoted across social networks. Marriott Rewards shared an online YouTube video of Bill Craigle and former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher surprise 50 people with an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco for Super Bowl 50.

The Rewards that required users to tag up to 50 friends was activated on Social Networks for audiences to share their photos with hashtags and earn bonus reward points.

The program was promoted post the winner announcement with social media posts on Facebook introducing members from the winning team.


Marriott Rewards campaign was distinctive as it used the theme of Super Bowl 50 and at the same time engaged audiences with a unique contest design that required contestants to choose 50 friends and make their Super Bowl memorable. The contest was designed to deliver on the Marriott Rewards positioning of Now That’s Rewarding. With images and stories of team members that made it to the winning team the campaign came across as credible and believable.

Credits: Marriott Rewards team that made #50to50 happen.


A Game That Gives You Wings



Papa John’s Big Fan Payback sweepstakes is an interactive contest that will run during the game. The Sweepstakes has been designed to get audiences connected to Papa John’s while the game is on. The contest design requires fans to follow the prompts tweeted by Papa John’s  during the game, for responses sent with a heart emoji and winning entries posted by another twitter handle. The contest supports the overall campaign approach that Pizza and Super Bowl make for a perfect Game Day combination.

Papa John’s contest strengthens the product story for the brand where the engagement for the pizza brand is based on the fandom associated with the Super Bowl. The contest design sets itself apart making the brand interactive with an experiential engagement.

The National Chicken Council released its annual “Wing Report” on Wednesday and according to Time, the number they came up with estimates that 1.3 billion wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s a 3 percent, or 37.5 million wing, increase from last year.

According to Trends on Google, the real-time search interest for Super Bowl recipes is one of the highest. Buffalo Dip and Chilli are the most searched for recipes.



Content and posts through the week featuring recipe ideas and tips for party planning during the Super Bowl week are likely to engage the fans. in partnership with InstaCart has made your Super Bowl party even easier, Instacart’s shoppers can pick up the items at local stores and deliver them to shoppers in the time frame specified.

The feature is live and available in  over 18 metro regions. Deliveries are made from the supported retailers, including Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway, and others, depending on your region and preferences. For those of you who are in it, tailgating or at home, here are some amazing recipe ideas.

Healthy Snacks ideas, can be found here.