The Art of Video Marketing

Product Video, Video content and Video Ad Campaigns are the most engaging content types on websites and Social networks.

Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors — Comscore

The three principles for creating an engagement with video audiences are

1. Keep the Story simple

2. Connect with People’s Prior Knowledge

3. Stimulate both Auditory and Visual Senses

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#Real-time #Twitter #Advertising Yields Results

“#WantThatHair Twitter program delivered an estimated 41.9 million impressions in three days. Meanwhile, Pantene and #WantThatHair received an estimated 28 million impressions on Oscar Sunday. It also drove a Promoted Tweet engagement rate of 4.7% that blew Twitter’s CPG benchmark of 1.5% out of the water.

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Twitter launches Lead Generation Twitter Cards


Twitter launched Lead Generation Cards with Call-To-Action  in Promoted Tweets on the Microblogging site. Brands and Marketers seeking to generate leads can now integrate a call to action in their messaging. The Messaging could be in rich text and visuals that could seek to promote  brands, offer, sign-ups or offer rewards instantaneously.

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