Key Insights For Mobile Commerce and Shoppers

Mobile has gained share as the primary device of research gaining over Desktop only research, with share of mobile research increased to 13 percent from 11 percent. For Mobile Buyers the share of research on Mobile only is as high as 52 percent, as shared by eMarketer. According to the research study based on 1.7 […]

Five Ways To Reimagine Content For The Mobile Shopper

Creating Content for engaging and retargeting the audience, can make all the difference to your campaign performance, from generating awareness to increasing conversions. As you have a large set of audience that may have visited your brand’s site, you may choose to select a sub-segment for retargeting depending on your campaign objective. To know more […]

Mobile Makes For 18 Percent Of Holiday Season Online Sales

comScore has reported an increase of 13 percent with total online sales for the holiday season, reaching USD 69.1 billion, compared to USD 61.3 billion spent online during 2014 holiday season. USD 56.4 billion was spent online on desktop computers, marking a 6-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year, while online sales from mobile devices increased to […]

Ten Ways To Promote Your Brand With Boomerang

Boomerang from Instagram is an App that allows users to create looping videos with images to be shared on social networks. Here are Ten ways you can use Boomerang to promote your brand using Instagram.

Effectively engage audiences with  posts from influencers for your brand with loops of short clips  footage that can be promoted on Instagram and Facebook . A single branded message promoted through a looping video has been proven by research to be more effective.  Create a Brand showcase on Instagram as can be seen from Red Bull’s #EnterTheKaleidoscope where Red Bull has partnered with Kriss Kyle to promote exclusive BMX Footage.

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