Reese’s Rules March Madness With Social Media and Content Marketing

Reese’s, the official candy partner of the NCAA, has created buzz with social media push and a Content marketing strategy that focuses on creating an engagement with the College students with sponsorship of Reese’s Final Four Friday and the Reese’s College All-Star Game. A campaign that has used creative to emphasize moments within the game with […]

Trends and Tactics for Marketing Success In 2015

Mobile for Brands in 2015 will have an all new meaning with wearables becoming more connected and taking on newer forms of integrating apps and a more smartphone like interface. As explained by Pebbles,  there are many ways that users can interact with Google apps via Android Wear notifications. For instance, users can navigate to reply to Hangouts messages with emoji or send money via Square Cash.  Marketers will need to integrate Wearables in their Marketing plan to understand how consumers are interacting with their brand in the new Wearables environment. EA Mobile has already expressed intent to leverage the trend and wants to take full advantage of the gaming potential of wearables like Apple’s new device “Apple Watch”. According to EVP of EA Mobile, Frank Gibeau, “Games that are in the works include standalone titles for wearables as well as releases that use wearables in tandem with console titles and other mobile games”.

Enhance User Experience with Stored Payments

With the use of Smartphones and tablets on the rise and with Apple Pay option available to customers the online buying behavior is likely to see a monumental change with browsers preferring to buy products with a simple click in an App rather than being transferred to a mobile site for completing the action. This would mean marketers have to worry less about shopping cart abandonment emails and more about integrating options that allow customers to finish their purchases within the app.  Smartphones are used for browsing while Tablets are used for buying as seen on Cyber Monday where 28.5 percent of online traffic came from Smartphones while only 9.1 percent of online sales took on Smartphones. Tablets accounted for 12.5 percent of online traffic, however generated 12.9 percent of online sales on Cyber Monday.

Silverpop, has recommended tactics that can help marketers to improve conversions with the growing adoption of single-click purchases.

  1. Ask customers for the Payment Information up-front. Ask customers to register with their payment information in the on-boarding program.
  2. Provide Payment options that simulate the smartphone payments option such as Pay Pal.
  3. Remind and Remarket to customers who have browsed and visited your site but have not bought, to be able to complete the purchase on Desktop.

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How are Smartphones and Tablets different in their Usage?

Taco Bell, Seamless, Delta (airlines), Farmers, Goodyear and Ace Hardware, targeted nearby consumers via mobile ad networks such as MoPub and Jumptap  and—in a lot of cases—TWC’s popular smartphone app and with Promoted Tweets. Taco Bell, for instance, was running mobile ads through May on TWC’s app but only when the local temperature exceeded 48 degrees.
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Disney’s Planes Buzz in Social Media

Disney’s Planes tells the thrilling and heart-warming story of Dusty, a plane with high-flying dreams of racing.
There’s just one small problem: He’s afraid of heights.
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