Brands At The Oscars


Twitter Movies shared Tips for Live Tweeting during the event. The event created significant buzz as can be seen from the heat-map below. Dove and Twitter co-promoted #speakbeautiful that has received over 6000 Retweets.



Twitter and Instagram were the most influential channels for hashtag Oscars and the buzz exceeded 70 Million impressions across the Globe with Retweets being at 76 percent of all the buzz on Twitter.

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Six Mobile Apps Marketing Mistakes

MobileIMBased on discussions with numerous mobile app marketers, the top Mobile Apps Marketing mistakes outlined by a Mobile Apps Solutions provider are:

1. Relying on Traditional Marketing Vehicles

2. Not Tracking and Optimizing Marketing efforts Real-time

3. Ignoring Post-download Events

4. Lack of a Defined App Brand Plan

5. Lack of Apps Marketing Success Metrics

6. Lack of Traffic-Generation with the Right Audiences

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Real-time Creativity and Responsive Brands

OreoBrands that create real-time are seen as responsive and could be seen as differentiated in a highly cluttered and fragmented social media space.

One of the campaigns that has made news in the realtime marketing space is Target’s  “The Everyday Show”. The Everyday Show showcases tweets in a Show called “Tweet-to-Runway Show” where ramp models read out Tweets  with “Live to Tweet” feature with different Hashtags. To engage the  audiences, the tone and messaging is conversational with a glamorous ramp show and a music score that adds to the effect.

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